Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crazy Aunt in the Basement..

meet Diana Thorn..

a Carpinteria resident who writes a letter to the NewsPress every so often to keep us up to date on evil doers: those who voted for Obama. I can tell immediately it's a letter from Aunt Di due the exteme paranoia that runs though every sentence...the reason Obama won is you...and you are part of the corrupt media, ACORN, a liberal hater of George Bush, and a racist (blacks voted for blacks). She paints a scenerio under an Obama administration: socialism, government will run our lives, jobs will be lost, small business failures, a weak military. illegals, and imminent attacks from Russia, Iran and other terrorists! She informs us that Bush has been a great president, has kept us safe and is of high moral character...ah, need to stop watching FOX NEWS.... Diana's inability to fault rightwing American leaders when they screw up (Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina, bailout, Wall Street partying, 9/11..the terrorists came in throught the front door on George Bush's watch and accomplished what thet set out to accomplish; they won't be back!) George Bush's legacy is one of incompetence which is A-OK with Diana because George loves God!
Well, thankfully we will move on from the past 8 year debacle and put the Dianas of the world back in the basement..we'll let them out every now and then so they can try to absorb some light, but a fixated personality needs one thousand stars shining to break through the darkness..obviously Diana and her fellow rightwing blatherers are frozen, or fixed at an anxiety ridden stage from some childhood trauma.. like conservative parenting!

Uncle Ernie of Sandwich...
Well, I missed Ernie Soloman's interview with Nipper. Craig Smith covers it..
all I got to say is I'll catch it later..but Ernie's got his hands full in Ojai...

until next time, evil doers!

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