Monday, November 17, 2008

Pretzel Logic....

...getting a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NewsPress is like getting a rectal exam from John McCain!

Nipper, now an advocate for the homeless, leads a group of suspects for the Lifetime Achievement award for, uh, um, achieving life? I dunno but it sounds nutty to me...they gather at the Biltmore and sit around drinking and congratulating each other for being goody two shoesers...
Now, speaking of shoes..LOOK AT WENDY'S!!...this came up at the last trial I attended against the NewsPress gang of four when crisis manager Agnes Huff (for whom I have a little boner fide) was whispering seductively on the witness stand. While I was looking her over and fantasizing I noticed that Agnes had pointy black shoes that were one size too big.. what a friggin turn on!
Now I see Wendy has pointy black shoes, one size too big...the other ladies in the pic are secretly pointing down to alert the readers they don't want to be there with her.. they would rather like to throw water on her to see if she melts!'re no Agnes..
I'm not sure what this all means but I don't like it..not even a little bit..
I stepped up to the platform, the man gave me the news, he said "you must be joking son, where did you get those shoes?"

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We'll control what we can said...

Remember the Lifetime Achievement Awards when Sara Miller-McCune was among the three nominees?

And she announced she wanted to buy the News-Press?

The glossy Social Scene Magazine did a full-page photo spread on the event.

Funny thing, though. Ms. Miller-McCune was the only nominee whose photo never made it into the magazine.

Dr. Laura, however, had two photos of herself at the event.