Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dr. Laura sizes me up....

but instead of looking for things that divide us, why not look at things we have in common..Dr. Laura's got a blog, I got a blog.. we are like two pees in a pot!

We can work together to solve problems: I tried to post comments on her blog telling her how full of shit I think she is, but she won't print them. So I came up with this idea: I'll copy her blog to my blog and post comments about her blog posts on my blog, that way we can practice freedom of speech without a condom..very exciting! OK let's start:
Dr.Laura: When I was a child, I looked up with admiration, respect and even awe at the people who were in public office. I never heard much about illegal financial activities or illicit sexual relations. News anchors always spoke with respect about our governmental officials, and debates and opinions were offered with dignity.
Mick: When I was a child, I couldn't keep my hands off my weenie! and how many illicit sexual relations did you have, Dr? How the heck did you get into radio?? ILLICIT SEX!! and how can you respect, admire or awe someone you don't even know personally??
Dr.Laura: Here I am, at 61, hearing that if you don’t vote for a black candidate that you are a racist (but you’re not if you’re voting for a candidate specifically because they are black). I’m hearing feminists attack a woman Vice Presidential candidate simply because she’s pro-life. I’m watching television political ads which outright lie and offend basic sensibilities, with both parties presenting people who don’t really have the true knowledge and experience to be the most powerful representative of the free world. I’m seeing a candidate with child-care issues and an out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy in her family, candidates appearing on undignified mass entertainment comedy programs to win votes, and a cacophony of television and radio commentators saying the most outrageously mean things about people they don’t know personally. I’m also hearing about mass cheating in voter registrations, and a populace which seems to be relatively disinterested in facts…just emotions, looks and personality.
Mick: We Americans, Dr. Laura, are simply following the fine example you've set for us! Feminists aren't attacking Sarah Palin because she's pro-life, they are attacking her becasue she's stupid! Laura sees a candidate with an out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy, but will vote for her anyway because like your nutty son Deryk, you are a racist..just admit it...
Laura: The years of vulgar reality programs and media free speech, unfettered by responsiblity, have dumbed us down and made us crass. According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, only 18% of Americans know which party holds the House majority, can name the American Secretary of State, or the Prime Minister of Britain. I find this a bit scary - and very sad.
Mick: Reality is vulgar and beautiful like nature! Free speech is a tough thing to deal with when you've tried all your career to censor the parts you don't like..or, with the help of the Army, tried cover up your son's disgraceful behavior while in the military and blame it on gay terrorists, cheerlead the Iraq invasion..and then receive an award from the clueless Gordon Englund at the Dept of that's vulgar!
and the PEW poll is about as reliable as a lie detector test and they only poll about 1500 people anyway..there are about 300 million Americans in the USA..polls are insignificant, dummy!
anyway Laura, thanks for printing my comments!

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