Friday, November 14, 2008

The God of Hell Fire Rips thru Montecito..

and purges new, unnaturally large mega mansions from the hillsides...unfortunately, the historic section of Mountain Dr burned, too..the cool old hippie haunts like the castle, the tea garden area..what a shame!

Wow..I was at Carp City Hall looking for romance when suddenly I saw a bright red glow coming from the hills in SantaBarbara..I hurried home, grabbed a camera and took a picture from the corner of Cravens looked like a lava monster in the distance..checked local media and KEYT was on it first, then the Independent. KCAL 9 did good TV coverage..asleep at the wheel for the first hour was EDHAT, Santa Barbara's Blog, and the NewsPress...LA Times had faster coverage of the MAJOR FIRE sweeping thru the hills above Westmont College!
I couldn't believe some of the houses burning down, shown from the KCAL 9 chopper..huge huge huge mansions inexplicably built on unstable hillside terrain..completely unnatural..going up like tinder boxes when hot Santa Ana winds blowing 70 MPH come roaring thru the canyons. There's going to be some close looks at how these got built in such a high fire danger area...Mountain Drive used to be a hang out long ago and has always been a pristine place with a just a few houses and lots of nature..a perfect balance until recently..people have moved here from god knows where and there ensued a building frenzy..mother nature took care of that last night..WOW!
Paula Lopez and the folks at KEYT did a great job all night providing info and video in tough circumstances..
the News-Press and News-Press TV did a pathetic job..they were at least two hours late with info which was a "Breaking News" banner that petered out after five minutes! This morning the page was blank... worthless!
two days after the fire, they finally had some info!!
midnight's another day....

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