Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drive By Shooting!!

bang bang...

I went out in the rain checking some theens out..I went out in my truck with my camera and shot some theens..I guess that makes me a drive- by shooter! but really, I was wondering about the recent gang attack on the poor side of Carp..over where the tract houses are..over there by Malibu Drive and Aragon...some lady was shot over here by a jealous boyfriend years ago...I think these houses breed violence or stupidity...first of all, they are too close together to be a real house, so it would be cheaper to buy a condo...next, the paint schemes are conducive to madness... dull whites and Mexican oranges are not good shades to paint your houses with...I dunno..something over here scares me..what lurks in those houses anyway? I hope I never find out!
so I'm driving around and they got 192 closed below Arnold's ranch..a tree fell over..was it native or non-native..I don't rightly know...upon closer inspection I find it is a native pine!! oh no..let's cut down all the pine trees in Carp before they kill someone!!! I also heard a huge tree fell in Oak Park..I wonder what kind of trees they have in Oak Park??
next I go over to Santa Claus Lane and find Caltrans recent native plantings are slipping down the slope..see, they removed ice plant, a soil stabilizer, and planted some whimpy native theens... must they think my tax dollars grow on trees!!!???
next, I whiz down Padaro Lane and shoot Kevin Costner's house on the bluff...one thing about Kevin, he is a minimalist!
well, I sure enjoy this rain and all the fun it brings and I hope you do too!

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A friend said...

I miss the old-style clothes lines. When it rained the drops would line up and dance before falling. Kind of like a rain ballet.