Thursday, December 30, 2010

free fallin'

I'm a tree fallin...

wow..I scarcely believed my eyes when I read the News-Press editorial.."Preserve the eucalyptus trees on East Valley Road"..this is the stand of eucs outside Birnam Wood you may have heard about...the Montecito Journal publisher James Buckley and his pal Bob Hazard have been trying to remove these giant eucs citing imminent danger of falling or catching fire or eating babies...all bullshit from these two bozos..unfortunately, several trees have been chopped by the homeowners..the continuity on East Valley has been disrupted the question is: should the rest of the trees be saved??

now the recent storm has toppled many trees... most were native pines or oaks and at least one euc fell...trees fall sometimes for various reasons....if you don't take care of them, they may fall..once a year trimming is a good idea....fear and ignorance is no excuse to chop down the urban treescape... especially in Montecito..a drive up East Valley to Mountain Drive is always a pleasure..the tree canopies are awesome..imagine all those trees gone!! the creeks are flowing, the wind is blowing.. the leaves are swooshing around like's fantastic and nobody is up here today except me and some hawks!
back to the's an Our Opinion piece, so I don't know who wrote it but it was write on...(get it??) the opinion was well written, factual with none of the usual BS the News-Press delivers...I especially liked the part about "there's a lot of fear-mongering about these trees and people are in a panic for no reason".... well wait just a doggone minute, if a euc fell on my house or car, that would be a reason for panic, I suspect! maybe they need to rethink that editorial!! how would you like one of those monsters falling on your house?? they could conceivably wipe out your family, your precious little Montecito family!! Well Wendy, what about private property rights??
ok here's my theory about the new attitude at the News-Press: Wendy is in love with me! I won her over, I rubbed off on her (get it!!)...finally! lemme see Wendy, my B-Day's coming up, I need a new truck, the mortgage paid off, at least 5 new guitars..we'll talk later babe!
and as an added bonus if I can pit The Montecito Journal and the News-Press against each other, that's a cherry on top and 2011 will start with a bang..get it!!

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