Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nearer My God to Thee...

Channel Islands Restoration Scam...cont'd

so the idea was to restore the Channel Islands to a pre-Columbian state...remove all vestiges of white man's folly and return the islands to a native-only do this, the nonprofit Nature Conservancy (big supporters of BP) bought and/or stole the islands from the Vail-Vickers ranchers who had set up an historic cattle operation..the National Parks Service was in on the heist also and even sent Santa Barbara County Sheriffs (remember Jim Thomas?) by helicopter to terrorize the ranch folks, specifically, they rousted a teenage island girl..yes, these brave men wanted the ranching operations outta there and would stop at nothing! and pretty soon, you won't be able to enjoy a peaceful morning of fishing!!
so once these criminals got their sweaty little hands on the islands, they came up with a plan to remove all the critters and plants that were called non native or invasive...they set about poisoning/ killing/ trapping/ harrassing thousands of animals and plants to get to their coveted pre-Columbian goal...and now the islands are free of bad plants and animals and have no signs of white folks messing things up!!
well, no..that's not what happened..white folks are still messing things up on the islands, and their theories about removing the golden eagle to help the foxes were debunked by Mother Nature herself..the goldens are back! and they had little to do with the alleged foxes demise....a bigger concern was disease of the inbred little buggers.. Of course, I told you so...the islands should have been left alone.. and now I hear that the staircase ladder on Anacapa Island is ready for tourists cost about $500000 to replace the old corroded stairs....the actual aluminum staircase probably cost about $2000, so the labor was $498000... so in pre-Columbian times, I guess they had aluminum staircases!
we can thank President Clinton for enacting the Invasive Species Council in 1999 enabling this madness in government
Florida and California Had the Highest Invasive Species Expenditures
Florida and California each spent considerably more than the other five states on invasive species activities. In fiscal years 1999 and 2000, Florida reported spending $94.5 million and $127.6 million, respectively;
Over half ($154.5 million) of the funding for specific categories of invasive species went to terrestrial arthropods (a category of invertebrates—primarily insects—that includes fruit flies and Asian long-horned beetles). The plant category, which includes terrestrial noncrop (such as purple loosestrife), terrestrial crop (crop weeds such as johnsongrass), and aquatic plants, received the second greatest amount of funding—$70.7 million!!!!
and they wonder why bats and bees are dying....

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