Wednesday, December 8, 2010

talking heads...

head games!!
ok so I'm watching the SB city council meeting earlier and Mike Self says she's very disappointed that they were discussing bike lanes...Mike thinks there's too many and requests for more on the streets are coming at her "like a bad rash"....please people, don't vote for this wacko again!
then the city council inteviews started..and the first crazy lady to step up to the podium starts off with a nonstop rant "I will make being homeless a felony"..oh, that's a brilliant idea hon...then she goes off on Mexicans who have large families..she wants to monitor their water use to prove there are too many living in houses! next she says make cigarette smoking a misdemeanor... and pedophiles need ankle about JAIL instead! geez this woman was stupid beyond belief, all kinds of nutty restrictions on behavior that she doesn't like! that's not the job of a city council dumbass! off with her head!!
and there's this freaky fellow
who bragged he had a full page write up in the News-Press!! dude, that's not a thing to brag about! ask Mike Stoker!! ask Tom Watson!! anyway, this guy goes on and on about harmony and the planet and money and India and well he looked alike a freaking mortician...who the fuck are these people who come up and have no clue, no clue at all how the city can they possibly think they will be chosen?? off with his head!!!
hey there's little Naomi Kovaks
who used to be on the Citizen Planning Association...she was in kahoots with Measure B/ Save Our Santa Barbara/ Wolfswinkel/ and all those folks who tried to kill the Miramar and all other development in Santa Barbara....of course, their agenda failed because people saw through their BS!! no no with your head
hey..there's Sheila Lodge
...she read to the council something from 100 years ago...I think Sheila wants to return SB to the pre-Columbian era! off with her head!
there's David Pritchett
who spent his time talking about Brian Barnwell! Barnwell was up earlier with a little troll beard on his chin..let's face it, Barnwell got clobbered by Travis and Wendy and didn't know how to fight back...both with their heads!!
hey there's Jerry DeWitt..remember 60s Revisited....Jerry, can you play "For What It's Worth' by Buffalo Springfield..thanks man!
hey..a fine Latina woman..hire her..she's hot though I didn't catch her name
one guy
had the audacity to say he would waive his salary and benefits if appointed..that's what Arnold did and look what happened to California! got two choices..Dianne Channing who was runner up last election; or the elegant Latina who would help soften the old cowpie Mike Self....a heady decision...


Anonymous said...

Ricky Goodfriend got a big ol'can of whoopass opened up on him. He said something about his lox and bagels state street dining experience with two nearby cigarette smoking homeless.

Loretta Reddddd will be the candidate selected.

Mick Von Caw said...

yes, Loretta would be a fine choice!