Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bang A Gong

get it on

Breaking News!!!!

Fox News’ In-House Bimbo Sues Fox News for Treating Her Like an In-House Bimbo!!!!!


now you remember when FOX NEWS babe Gretchen Carlson was at the Reagan Ranch Center to speak to Wendy's Kids about beauty pageants and how pretty girls can get ahead in life...well, I admit I watch Gretchen's show because she is pretty and kinda goofy, too...a total rightwinger but that's not a crime yet....

what is a crime is sexual harassment on the job and it appears that Gretchen was harassed by bald fatman and head of FOX NEWS, Roger Ailes who wanted to bang her


and lately Gretchen has not been on her show...she was fired for some reason and now she is suing FOX for sex harassment..also, she came out recently for gun control and FOX viewers crucified maybe that's why she got fired but if it's true about the sexual harrassment, Ailes is in trouble...

Bill O'Reilly harassed that other FOX chick and settled with her years ago for sexual harassment but Bill wanted to bang her and scrub her with a loofa!! kept calling her....creepy and definitely harassment...but did Ailes just proposition Gretchen or did he harass her

now I do think Roger Ailes has a bit of an Alfred Hitchcock :) complex in that he hires pretty blondes..the difference though between Ailes and Hitchcock is Hitchcock had real talent, he wasn't a huckster who wrapped himself in the American Flag to push rightwing agendas

unfortunately for Grethchen, this may be a " he said, she said" type situation and I wonder why she didn't bring up the allegations before she got fired...actually her contract was not renewed so I guess she didn't get fired

but don't worry...Gretchen will be replaced quick by a pretty, conservative bimbo

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