Friday, July 8, 2016

Rebel Yell

in the midnight hour she cried "more more more"

now we got Jerry Seinfeld, Stevie Wonder and Jeff Beck coming to the Chumash only question is-why? I can't go because I'm afraid to drive the Chumash Highway of Death or San Marcos Pass to us white folks...


Jerry, you were funny in the 1980s but's forced and awkward..give it up

with the wineries, breweries, gambling and drunk actresses and elderly rock stars, Santa Ynez has morphed into a virtual Sodom not to mention Gomorrah...sodomy! I sodomized a girl once but with her permission...more more more !!!! she kept yelling

ok so I'm at the car wash in Santa Barbara, July 5th, and van pulls in and parks...this weird lady gets out and it's like she parked to hide something..she's pacing around looking nervous so I whip it camera and get a shot and she's smoking a cig and drinking something..couldn't make out what, maybe an energy drink but I thought to myself- would I ride in a vehicle with her driving-??'s Santa Barbara Classic Wine tours...oh shit I shoulda known..alcohol creates all these creepy parasite "businesses"...

but at least Santa Barbara has her priorites in order (hic)

now another realtor for Berkshire Hathaway California  has been arrested for DUI/Drugs..of course in America you are guilty until proven innocent so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt..for now

ever noticed that some moths and butterflies have gorgeous wings and that Indians have stolen those designs for their headresses?


so using an Indian head as a mascot or decoration for a slot machine is not racist...

it's an homage to butterflies

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