Saturday, July 9, 2016

Daughter of Darkness

stay out of my life, my life

geez, is prostitution still illegal? I gotta be more careful

so Andy Caldwell, a militant Christian, still writes guest opinions for Wendy's dying News-Press.. he's preaching the gospel of right and wrong from an ultra-conservative Christian point of view..I wonder how Andy feels about Nipper and Wendy livng in sin..having sex out of wedlock...wedlock=prison= that's why there's the lock...

Lanny Ebenstein, a Jew used to write guest opinions for the News-Press and mostly he repeated the "public workers make too much" gibberish...if I wanted to spend my career chasing my tail, I would have worked in the private sector...but it's my life and I'm responsible for it

so Lanny wrote a piece for the Independent that warned of the demise of the Republican Party and cited pal Andy Caldwell as one reason..Andy is intolerant and ignorant and if the GOP continues on the tea party path, the GOP will disappear in relevance..Andy wants racial profiling to ward off potential terrorist...that means if you have a certain look that scares white Christians, you should be arrested...

so that means Japs, dog-eating Chinamen, damn dirty apes, Spics, Niggers, Injuns, Muslims, Jews, imams, imommys, daughters of darkness etc (did I leave anyone out?) can be profiled and stopped on reasonable suspicions of not being normal white people if there is such a thing as a normal white person..well if crazy is normal then ok

don't get me wrong, I like white folks unless there's too many around then I get nervous

racial profiling won't work's stupid and Lanny is right for once...but the GOP is dead guys...there's no way to bring it back from Corpseville...oh sure there's a few conservatives running around half-cocked screaming about gun rights and trying to get a smooch from Sarah Palin, but for all practical purposes, the GOP is dead

so Lanny, don't blame Andy so much..he's a symptom.. simple-minded and superstitious... a shill for Wendy and other rich anti-gov't interests like the Casino and inbred farmers up north...and Orly the fuck did that Russian birther bitch get into America and run for California's Atty General, US Senate and Calif Sec of State?? she lost of course but Wendy endorsed her!!

so you see, there's multiple causes for the demise of the Republican Party...

shall we speak of resurrection as Jesus was resurrected from the dead? can the GOP be resurrected??

if you believe in the Easter Bunny, then I would say "yes"

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