Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We Can Work It Out

only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong

so the Independent and EDHAT has the story about the new school logo for Santa Barbara Unified School District..people use symbolism everyday to convey messages, sometimes hidden and Jung had a field day with symbols...Pacifica University in Summerland deals with all this stuff

Hitler had the swastika to convey hate..Christians have the cross to convey guilt...the Beatles used symbolism on "Yesterday and Today"  with the dead butchered baby dolls...McCartney said it was symbolic of the Vietnam war and boy was he right! brilliant..geez I had a dream last night a baby jumped into the Bird Refuge after a duck and I jumped in to save him from drowning...dreams are part of our collective conscience so keep an eye on your kids..I'm not a babysitter

and earlier in the day, I bought some Baby Swiss Cheese from Trader Joe's..why do they call it Baby Swiss Cheese? hmmmm...tastes good though

and even the cover that replaced the original Beatles butcher cover was cool...Yesterday and Today is a great album...heads above anything that came out that year...(1966)

I know for years that white people have been fleeing Santa Barbara public schools due to too many blacks and Mexicans..and for years they have been trying to cleanse the school system of inferior races...have they succeeded? I hope not..when we moved here the public schools had black kids, white kids, Asian kids and Mexican kids and I loved it!! surfers with wingtips and greasers with Pendletons...I was friends with all of was cool

but now, thanks to ultra-conservative whites with Amerikin flags coming out of the kazoo, we have some racism...and this new logo may prove my point..or not

so I looked at the logo of the SB USD and found it curious...shaped like a shield with cross in the middle, I jumped to my research engine and was shocked by what I discovered...

the SBUSD logo was a rough match to white supremacy groups!! the shield shape indicates Aryan sensibilities...and the cross indicates sympathies with the KKK

the Honor Society ain't what it used to be

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