Thursday, July 21, 2016

Never Gonna Give You Up

never gonna let you down

that Rick Astley is one smooth dude!

look, they copped some lines from Michelle Obama for Melania's just admit it...but do Donald Trump and his minions admit it? no they keep lying and trying to blame Hillary! I know Hillary is guilty of some things and so am I..I'm guilty of something I just don't know what..

I mean these guys on Trump's campaign look like idiots trying to deny they stole some lines from Michelle..imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so maybe Melania likes Michelle who is a very cool and awesome First Lady!

and Melania says Trump is "never gonna give you up and never gonna let you down" at the end of her speech!! that's Rick Astley's song from the 1980s... fantastic song!!

now the Republican Convention appears to be a strange mix of carpetbaggers, holy rollers, and bourbon swilling separatists..... Ben Carson was acting weird as usual and his speech was cuckoo, trying to tie Hillary with Lucifer..haha.....superstitious Ben Carson is spooked by Lucifer!! what a lamebrain....well at least Hillary never hit her mother over the head with a hammer

so the flags are flown at half-staff for the cops who were killed in the line of duty...the conservatives are falling all over themselves, praising the cops in front of the network cameras yet trying to reduce their pensions with a bunch of anti-union pension reform bills...

cops deserve the money and benefits and to retire at age 50 if they live that it seems the cops are only supported for political reasons by the GOP!!

his brain infected by the Zika virus, Wisconsin gov Scott Walker who ran for president but quit early, compared public workers like cops to ISIS! he gave a lame speech at the convention and Cruz gave a speech-that's what he does, gives speeches- but didn't endorse Trump saying he can't support anyone who maligns his wife Heidi and his dad Rafael, a commie

and Trump is a birther!!

do you remember the Republicans, where did they go??

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