Tuesday, July 12, 2016


just keep getting harder to find, and your kicks ain't bringing you peace of mind, you better find out before it's too late girl,  you better get straight

Brandee Nyp is a beautiful young woman from Grand Rapids who worked as a secretary in local school..she got hooked on crack cocaine and turned to prostitution for awhile, hanging out on Division Street in Grand Rapids to pickup Johns

her story was on Lockup: Grand Rapids....the thing that got me was her fight with drugs...she admits she was losing..at one point saying crack was more important than her kids..brutally honest and it is hard to believe such a beautiful girl is a junkie....and she's a facebook friend

but it's a cause and effect type deal...drugs and prostitution

instead of setting up phony prostitute scams, maybe Sheriff Bill Brown could focus on real crime: ADDICTION to drugs and why girls turn to street prostitution to get the money to keep smoking crack

I was watching KEYT and Kelly Hoover, the blonde former News-Press employee was all concerned about human trafficking..I'm concerned too but what the Sheriff's Dept did had nothing to do with human trafficking

from the KEYT report, Kelly says the Sheriff was concerned about all the online ads for sex, so the dept set up a false site using a Goleta hotel to entice guys..once the guys arrived and paid for sex they thought they were gonna get, they were arrested!

WTF kinda cockamamie idea is that? didn't the county just approve millions of dollars for a new jail in Santa Maria?

I do recall the undersheriff who was having sex with his female sub-employee in a parking lot in a police cruiser...I think their safeword was "Bill Brown" the Sheriff!!

Bill eyes Kelly's ass!

I thought at first they had caught up with a real prositution ring with chicks from Honduras used as sex slaves for profit..but it wasn't even close to that...the so-called crimes commited by the 20 guys were fabricated by the Sheriff and his crew busted 20 guys for showing up to have sex with a fake babe for money...and they were arrested for "disorderly conduct"...well, procuring a prostitute is an orderly process..er. or so I'm told... so this sting is a farce

and we got female deputies posing as hookers wasting my tax money to arrest some local horndogs...

Sheriff Brown is an idiot and he should resign and take Kelly Hoover with him

dress her up like a little ho ho!

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