Friday, July 1, 2016

Come Running

come running to me

yes it seems people don't know how to hike anymore...and esp with their dogs...speaking of dogs the News-Press is doing a series on dog-friendly restaurants and you can be sure those are eateries I will stay away from.. I was hiking one time and came back home, plopped down on the sofa and read a book..then I feel some thing crawling up my leg that wernt no woman's was a dog tick!! more dogs = more ticks


then I see MacKenzie Park in SB up by Gelson's/upper De La Vina may be turned into an off-leash dog park...Hillary Hauser of Heal the Ocean is a big cheerleader for it (is Hillary trans?)...ironically she works to stop ocean pollution but ignores dog waste...esp off leash dogs crapping everywhere on the park lawns....those parasites can linger for years in the soil!

ugh..bad for kids but dog people don't care about kids Beanie Baby to honor dead toddlers

anyway back to how to hard can it be? the last thing you want is the County to come rescue you because you got into the woods but you couldn't get out...

ok well then let's start simple with a short hike up Cold Springs Trail behind Montecito...get your mom and dad to buy you some good hiking boots..KEEN or MErrEL...some shorts and a backpack with some water and a knife...don't bring rope because I don't want any of you kids hanging yourselves spur of the drugs or alcohol...sunglasses to look cool and a camera..if you go up with a girl, find a nice place to go and fuck her if she wants...back in the 1970s when we had water, people would go to the little natural pools and romance each other on the rocks! it was fun

nowadays there's no water anywhere but whenever you hike, always follow a creek or river bed whether or not it's dry...don't let your dog wander off or you'll both get lost...


now the 4th of July is coming up and that means fireworks and loud noises and some folks are worried that the fireworks will scare their dogs with a BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! so they give tips in the media what to do...basically, keep them tied up in the bathroom which I think is no good

why not give them some ear ear muffs..they really make them and since dogs have much keener hearing than humans, the muffs will keep them centered

even if you whistle, they won't come running because they can't hear ya..

whistle at me and I'll come running, like a dog

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