Thursday, July 28, 2016

Free Falling

and I'm free, free falling

a zip line allows you to swing thru the trees like a monkey

now I'm reading the News-Press/Andy "Zippy" Caldwell's response to the Supervisors' decision about a zip line between Solvang and Buellton..the supes approved it and denied an appeal by a neighbor who was supported by Supervisor Janet Wolf...

of course Andy found a reason to criticize Wolf's "no" get the facts of the story, I had to look elsewhere..

The Lompoc Record had a good story and the reason Wolf voted no was this ZIP Line thing is in an ag preserve and will cost you $110 for a will pay $85! geez, what kid can pay $85 unless mommy and daddy give it to him!

from the Lompoc Record:
Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf, who cast the only dissenting vote, had an issue with the suggested price point, saying it would cost her family of five about $500 to use the course. Wolf also had concerns about the commercial nature of the project on land in an area zoned for agriculture, calling it potentially precedent setting

Andy Caldwell, representing the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business, argued in favor of the project, as did most who spoke during the public comment period.

"The fact of the matter is, they have zip lines in rain forests for crying out loud," Caldwell said. "This is a zip line among oak trees and shrub brush. If it’s OK to have a zip line through a rain forest, why can’t we have a zip line through Buellton? We urge you to approve this project."

and it's curious that Andy's guest opinion in the News-Press was all anti-Wolf propaganda..just crazy stuff against his nemesis Janet Wolf

now the project, called the Sierra Grande Rural Recreation Project isn't like putting a swing on your backyard tree by throwing a rope around a branch...these guys want to install a zip line through the oaks? that means steel cable wires, poles and how many oak trees are stressed by the drought and disease? and this business guy wants to hammer spikes/anchors into the trees? it's known fact that zip lines can kill their host trees, in this case the oaks

and what about liabiltiy when some kids gets killed flying thru the trees on a mechanical system that shouldn't be there in the first place..

and then there's the combo zip line/wine tasting events going on now....

and the guy who owns the ranch has a weird religious nonprofit foundation:
The SG Foundation was founded by Stuart C. Gildred Sr. along with co-founders Richard Kieding and William Sauer in 1984. From its inception the goal of the SG Foundation has been to help the less fortunate of the world to live better lives using the strong Judeo-Christian values of the founders as guidelines.

Early in the history of SG Foundation certain guidelines were established by Stuart Gildred Sr. He decided that a small private foundation must of necessity limit itself in terms of grant consideration. He was opposed, for example, to funding large research projects for HIV/AIDS programs"

the supervisors who approved this screwed up and Janet Wolf was should have been denied and it reminds me of that stupid yarn bombing thing to get people out in nature

my God if these folks can't find things to do in the back country, they have no business living there and constructing amusement parks for their spoiled kids..

and do the birds who use these trees for survival really need a bunch of stupid people zipping by disturbing them??

this is the dumbest idea I've heard in years....another wet dream from some conservative trustfunders and Christians....and wannabe Tarzans

wait a about a zip line from Ojai to Carp through the sycamores!!

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