Monday, July 11, 2016

Nowhere To Run

Nowhere to run to, baby nowhere to hide Got nowhere to run to, baby nowhere to hide

I started thinking about sex and prostitutes and paying for sex..have I ever paid for sex? well, that's for me to know and for you to find out

but I was reading the News-Press and saw the face and names of the twenty guys caught in a sex sting...ouch! imagine having your name and face plastered in the News-Press for havng sex wida ho

embarassing no doubt..some of the guys are businessmen in Santa Barbara and show up on LinkedIn and other social there's really nowhere to hide

two of the Johns work in Santa is an interior decorator and one works at a food place that makes nutrition remember, everyone in America is guilty until either shot by the cops or proven innocent

and you need lots of protein and stamina to have sex so you should down nutrition bars whether you pay for it or not..some gals have thrown my back out or chased me outta town with their crazy amorous demands...lately the coast has been clear

but I've seen those nutrition bars at Tri County Produce..

maybe I'll head in today and get me some

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