Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Will It Go Round In Circles

will it fly high like a bird up in the sky??


so I'm watching the Democratic Convention and the roll call votes to's my fave portion and these guys are rocking America state by state...I got chills! and the Chairwoman, the Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is smokin' HOT!! kind of Americans!! I'm so proud of the love they showed!! AMERICA!!!

I'm watching C-Span to avoid the stupid talk and commercials of the cable stations and a few guys looked and sounded kinda tired: Paul Simon and Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton...but that's ok...Paul's musical legacy is pretty awesome and Bill and Bernie always look berned these guys age, America will turn its lonely eyes to others for inspiration, like Blac Chyna..Rob and Blac are gonna have a baby and I got one word for them: ABORTION!!

but this is such a contrast to the Darth Vadar Republicans who only show hate and fear and spend the RNC calling Hillary names!! and where some idiot from Kansas said his state still honors the bible, gun rights and bourbon!! like who cares...geez

ok now the email issue is interesting..people esp conservatives were castigating ther DNC for anti-Bernie emails but nobody mentioned the real problem: HACKING! who hacked into the emials? that is illegal as someone hacking into your bank account to borrow some money; or open you mailbox and steal your mail! that's the issue, not whether the DNC gals were gossiping about Bernie....

and the conservatives were griping that the Democrats didn't mention ISIS at the DNC.well why should they..ISIS scares the Republicans and everytime an isolated incident of ISIS violence happens, the conservatives wet their pants like in this News-Press headline from sex harassing FOXNEWS...war on Christians by ISIS

let's see, how many people are killed by drunk drivers in the USA per year about is Coors USA  declaring war on sober drivers?? well, that's the twisted and no-context logic used by conservative Christians

ISIS is being dealt with and will be dealt with....what happens in France is something the French folks need to fix...the DNC is not the place to plan strategy as the RNC did which plays right into the ISIS fear campaign...use your heads!! where's you graduate from, Trump University??? haahaa

and one more thing: it's coming on World Youth Day and Catholics are celebrating...

all I can say is....

kids, run for your lives!!!

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