Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Power of Love

can move a mountain, drive the deepest sea

can love beat Alzheimer's?? of course

My goal today was love...not to score a goal or to score, but to show up at the Polo grounds to support the fight against Alzheimer's's a flag football game advertised as blondes vs love love

blondes have more fun young chicks who drink lots of craft beer...have you ever had sex with a drunk girl? it's ridiculous!! it ain't love but's it's close enough

but seriously, it's such a lovely day in July..warm and sunny so I rushed over there to lend my the polo field was open to everybody

I love this area and it was all good vibes as I entered....walked on over to the playing field and the teams were practicing..the Burger Bus was buzzing and plenty of beer booths...drink beer today you will dehydrate drink more beer is the idea! the PA guy was pushing the beer.."drink to your health" he there a link between booze and ALZ??

so the blondes are looking real good and so are the brunettes who appear more athletic..the blondes are more girly-girly but nevertheless in fine shape..

I had my drone with me and we flew over the gals to see if I could get a better view down their jerseys and tank tops...hmmmm

and  the sweat dripping down their necks made me wanna lick them...

but can we lick Alzheimer's? a disease that robs your memory... with folks like these participating, the answer is "YES"

I want to remember everything..good and bad... EVERYTHING...

it would be a crime to forget a day like this

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