Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm only human

born to make mistakes

so I'm watching the Planet of the Apes marathon..a perfect way to lead me out of the influenza wilderness... yeah, I have passed thru the night of fires....a metaphor of sorts for my experience over the last week.. I've been to the Planet of the Apes, Beneath the Planet of the Apes and Escaped from the Planet of the Apes....

the flu tried to make a monkey outta me a few times and although I may be a monkey's uncle, I ain't nobody's chimp..but be warned inside every man and woman is a curled up little ape

the Planet of the Apes of course is a sci fi classic and I saw it at the Granada Theatre first time in 1968..the Granada was an awesome place back then before it got over-built...big giant red sofas and ornate stairways and we'd hang out in the lobby scoping the girls..

but anyway the "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" caught my attention..the part where the workers were on strike, complaining about apes taking their jobs..the apes were mainly in service jobs..the powers that be warned the human workers their rights to collectively bargain would be taken away for a year unless they stopped striking and went back to work....

but who can blame the workers for not wanting the place to be run by a bunch of apes???

Nipper's first attempt at manual labor
now in between the Apes marathon, I switched to watched the Inn Crowd show with Nipper as guest...WTF kinda show is this? two guys in the kitchen cooking mushroom soup and breaking for wine ads every three seconds...first of all Budi the chef handed Nipper a chef's knife to cut up some mushrooms and Nipper looked confused like he never worked in a kitchen before...if it wasn't for Wendy, Nipper would be a freakin bartender...the guy's total fraud...every word during the cooking is "wow" "neat" or "super" people can produce this slop and then expect me to eat mushroom soup again is beyond me!! this show is an abomination....a joke...a bacillus....not fit for an ape..the sorriest piece of television I've seen since Marco Rubio's appalling sweaty little girly- man rebuttal perfomance....he looked shiftier than an illegal alien in an Arizona Denny's!

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