Saturday, February 23, 2013

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Guadalcanal Diary: the bionativism scam continues

war is an ugly thing...well it depends on which side you're on I guess and then it can be a pretty the allies banding together to beat Hitler and then the Americans dropping the bomb on Japan to stop the Imperial Army in their tracks...

man will invent ways to stop threats..some threats are real and some are, well, in their minds, but warfare never changes as long as threats exist or as long as man invents dig what I'm trying to say? or maybe I'm too much of a threat? hahahah!!!

anyway, my gov't, my military has decided to go to war on the little isalnd of Guam and the enemy they seek to destroy is the brown tree snake..a snake that has been on the island since the 1950s but all of a sudden is "decimating the native bird population" and is sneaking into homes and biting people and chewing into electrical lines! on an island!

so, the solution the Navy has come up with is to drop a bunch of poisoned dead mice from helicopters and hope the snakes eat them and die...apparently the NSAID
acetaminophen is toxic to the snakes, so the mice are stuffed with the painkiller and dropped onto the island...

The discovery that snakes will die when they eat acetaminophen was a huge step forward," Anne Brooke, conservation resources program manager for Naval Facilities Command Marianas, said Thursday [September 2]. "The problem was how you get the snakes to eat it." [
Stars And Stripes]

The solution: the snakes aren’t big pill poppers, so the researchers decided to deliver the poison dose by stuffing Tylenol tablets in the mouths of dead mice, an appetizing snake snack.

The problem with the solution: many of the snakes live in the wild, unreachable forest canopy. To get the mice to drop specifically onto the high branches and not to the forest floor, where they could be eaten by other animals, would require some special equipment,

The solution to that problem: using streamers and cardboard from a party store,
researchers at the USGS were able to fashion a parachute, which would land the mice in the canopy, where the tree snakes gobble them up and promptly die.

this is the military at tax money at work and just like the Channel Islands poison drop to kill the Anacapa rats, this scheme to kill the snakes is equally stupid...these people are out of their heads!!!

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