Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Timothy Leary's Dead

Along the coast you'll hear them boast
About a light they say that shines so clear.

Governor Moonbeam Rick Perry from Texas (prays for rain, shoots coyotes, wants to secede from the union) has been touring California to poach some business for Texas using a taxpayer funded travel account....Perry seems to be picking up where Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling of ENRON left off...remember those two wonder the relationship between California and Texas has Texas friends need to get rid of Rick Perry once and for all...

Rick has tried this before and while Texas has some great qualities, it can't hold a candle to when Rick Perry ran for president of the United States he got chewed up in the debates because of his slow wit...he made Michele Bachman look smart!!

the old excuse some companies use, when they lose the competitive edge, is that California regulates them too much...Carl's Jr tried that trick and until they changed their operation strategy, they were being beat by other fast food outlets...and look at Chik Fil A..they got a gay regulation and still managed to open on time to booming business..

I will test their chiken meals soon and report because I LOVEM CHICKEM!!

I think part of the regulation issue is so that California doesn't look like Texas..I don't want to step in cow turds every day on the way to the Texas, they enjoy dat kinda thing but not me...Austin Texas is the exception and even they are embarassed by Rick Perry....

and I liked President Lyndon Johnson..he was from Texas and there was Lady there's some Texas tradition...unfortunately Johnson got mired in Vietnam and it killed him...why oh why did we get all worked up over a civil war with a bunch of 3 foot tall communists? I mean who cares....Nixon too was doing some good stuff until he got all paranoid and started being overly concerned with John Lennon...conspiracy theorists were popping outta Nixon's cabinet like termites!

and I saw Peter Lance on Mr. Wimpy's show..Peter didn't mention the Santa Barbara cops once but mentioned himself alot and was trying to sell his books and conspiracy theories about terrorists....Peter will sign a book if you buy one from his website...

well here's my plea to Gov Rick Perry: when you go back to Texas, take Peter Lance with you!


Anonymous said...

For you gals who might be interested, Peter's still available on Look for WriterinSB. But you'd better be under 5'8". Guess he doesn't like tall women. And BTW, he says he's 54, same age he was 10 years ago.

Redheads Rule said...

Anonymous neglected to mention that he's wearing suspenders. I put my stilettos away.