Monday, February 18, 2013

in the city

It's survival in the city
When you live from day to day
City streets don't have much pity
When you're down, that's where you'll stay

ok city workers..according to Lanny Ebenstein and the News-Press, you are over-paid and underworked..and the money you make is part of a corrupt work and pay scheme cooked up by unions...when you the unionized city worker says Jump..the city council only asks how high?

now I had to laugh when I read this because on page 2 there was a story about the first SBPD woman cop on a motorcycle..there she was bench pressing a 750- pound Honda!! I'd like to see Lanny try that because he would break down and cry and run to his mommy Wendy and then smoke a joint..

actually Lanny's editorial was the most delusional one I've read and so typical of libertarian anti gov't nonsense...he is just clueless and a simple tour of the city innerworkings would clarify things for him.....of couse the city needs to get rid of certain departments that serve no purpose except to annoy me like the creeks division's war on water lilies and frogs, but that can be done piece by piece..or streamlined...but the city has been open for business forever and is run well for the most part....all this money worry by Lanny is misplaced...the economy tanked under Bush and Paulson and is recovering slowly and steadily under workers didn't cause the financial chaos, the conservatives caused it..the bankers, the insurance crooks that we bailed out!!

but Lanny's big issue is collective bargaining, not streamlining city gov't...public unions which negotiate salaries and benefits with the worker and the city..the process is not evil or complicated..Lanny tried to work for the city as a council member years ago but got beat and besides he didn't even live in the city limits... again, too much pot smoking for the libertarian! pot messes with your judgement and turns you into a dumbass stoner dude like Lanny and Team Wendy members...

see Lanny this is how it works, when you slackers sit around all day smoking pot, the adults are doing the real work in the city...uh the city


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Anonymous said...

What do can you expect? Every time the publisher is seen in public people say she's so high on something she doesn't seem to know what's going on. That may just be speculation, but if it isn't, Why would she be able to tell reality from truth or print the former in her paper?