Friday, February 15, 2013

my friend, Flicka

Food and Wine

well there's alot of complaining about wineries in the valley..the tasting rooms and the tourists they bring have been creating problems for neighbors...the bratty sons all riding around Santa Ynez in their Mercedes Benz SUVs their daddies bought them

I sympathize, really I do...but filming has already begun..the wine the food the cheese

Nipper and Budi prep a Flicka omelet
I see Nipper will be a guest on the first show of the second season of the "Inn Crowd" with Chef Budi Kazali...Budi is from Indonesia where they eat horses and dogs!! Budi owns the Ballard Inn..this according to Scott Steepleton, Wendy and Nipper's houseboy...fetch my slippers, Scotty!!

"The Inn Crowd with Chef Budi Kazali," which will debut at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, is a cooking show peppered with a healthy dose of fun, easy gourmet recipes, breathtaking scenery and magnetic personalities, according to Executive Producer Ira will also be showed on News-Press TV

magnetic personalities....hmmmm well of course the Distenfields love the courts as much a Wendy and they are always suing or being sued by somebody so I don't trust them to carry my souffle..just google the Distenfields and wow....tons of stuff on them and here's just one:

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Former Los Angeles Port Authority President and former Santa Barbara Police Commissioner Ira Distenfield and his wife, Linda, once a deputy to Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, were sued today in Santa Barbara Superior Court for civil fraud and false representation. The lawsuit, which seeks more than $200,000 in damages, alleges the Distenfields sold the same We The People legal document preparation franchise to two different people in the San Francisco Bay Area. The suit also claims false representation of the Marin County We The People franchise's profitability. Ira Distenfield is currently the national director of franchise development for PRstores, which provide marketing services to local businesses. The lawsuit was filed by attorney John L. Fallat, president of New Millennium Corporation (NMC) in San Rafael, California for "double selling the San Francisco East Bay territory of We The People, which stretches from Emeryville north to Crockett." We the People legal centers provide assistance to the general public in preparation of simple legal documents such as living trusts and wills without use of lawyers. "It turns out the Distenfields sold the same East Bay franchise territory to another person which makes it worthless to NMC," explained Fallat, noting the Marin store he purchased from the Distenfields in 2004 is doing poorly, "despite their promises and profitability projections they supplied."

future guests of the show include Andrew Firestone and Jim Messina....oh wait Messina will be playing the dinner shows at the Ballard Inn, not actually a guest of Budi's...well at least he gets a free meal!


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened with the Distenfields' $1.25M lawsuit against the city of Santa Barbara? The couple sued the city last year after the TV show they were producing, "On Patrol With Santa Barbara Police Department," was canceled.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and while you are it find out the real reason why it was canceled.