Thursday, February 14, 2013


I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth....
the substitiute
oh shit I got more McCaws I gotta deal with! Craig and Susan... Susan is Wendy's substitute as new wife of Craig McCaw, and they are all together again in the pages of the News-Press! apparently Sue hosted an event for Jersey Guv Chris Christie at the Hanger car club by Tri County Produce....Christie is raising money for his campaign as Jersey gov..but I don't know why, he should win easy..but when word leaks out about him hobnobbin with the weird elite in parallel-California, Jersey folks won't appreciate it...

the newest billionaires in SB like Craig and Wendy are trying to compete with the old guard who helped build Santa Barbara like Charles Stearn who built Stearn's Wharf-
Named for its builder, local lumberman John P. Stearns, the wharf served the passenger and freight shipping needs of California's South Coast for over a quarter century...a working man!

but Craig McCaw is just too flakey and flaunts his money like a stripper...

let's see, politically he's just naive having lost millions to Karl Rove's American Crossroads PAC..he bought Peabody's in Montecito and we'll see how that turns out...

Craig and Wendy love whales and maybe Chris Christie reminds the McCaws of a blubbery little whale! they both worked to free Keiko the whale but instead of freeing him, Craig and Wendy actually killed Keiko!!

Keiko died in Taknes Bay, Norway while under the care of personnel from The Free Willy-Keiko Foundation on December 12, 2003, at about 27 years of age. Pneumonia was later determined as his probable cause of death

says Craig: The orcas swim in space that we don't very well understand and of course in outer space we will face some day the moral dilemma of how to deal with aliens who land on earth, perhaps, if in fact what people believe is true- and we will have the same moral dilemma in exchanging people or creatures back and forth with them for understanding.

What is right and to what degree should it be voluntary or not voluntary or for the good of society, theirs or ours? So we're on the cusp of some very difficult issues that we frankly aren't going to escape very easily. But it's quite clear to us that these are extremely intelligent creatures. That dolphins and killer whales are very much like us only with fins and there is a certain amount of mutual understanding that comes from this exchange.

very much like us only with fins?? what the hell does that mean???

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