Monday, February 11, 2013

what a difference a day makes

twenty four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers where there use to be rain

occasionally I get some angry emails but I really don't know I get an email from the Baron's kid telling me what a fat piece of shit I am for writing stuff about his dad...the kid says he's gonna pay me a visit if I'm not dead already..

Hey fat shit about my dad or I again and ill pay u a visit personally unless you're dead already cause u had a heart attack you fat piece of shit..

U ain't shit and when You're dead nobody's gonna remember your blogs you lame.. Who the fuck are u anyway?

you're right kid, I'm nobody..Mr. Nobody

well damn kid, I wish you'd come by last night when I was in the midst of full blown influenza and put me out of my misery...

but what a difference a day makes! so the kid is lacing into me what a fat dork wannabe I am...hey I lost ten pound in the last four days...and have you seen your dad?? he's not exactly Mr.Skinny Tuxedo like Peter Lance!! possible transference going on here for you psyche majors

and then he tells me his Pop is a local radio legend who is still on the radio..well dude he works for Wendy so that really doesn't count.... I did like the Baron when he was with KACY....the Boss of the Beach..

Fucking amateur you think you're known or interesting but let's keep it real fatboy.... You wish You were the Baron..

geez, this dude sounds like my ex-wife!!!

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Anonymous said...

Is the guy threatening you the same one who got busted for selling pot on Craigslist then lost his business license as a result?