Thursday, February 7, 2013

let me call you sweetheart

I am dreaming Dear of you, Day by day Dreaming when the skies are blue

now Judge Brian Hill said I sounded like his wife..Judge, you wanna role-play a little? ok I'll be your wife up to a point pal...I got sooo much to say to you sweetheart!!

had I been allowed to stay on the jury stand I would have answered the lawyers questions about gangs....all three lawyers asked the jurors how they felt about gangs..well here's how I feel about gangs...I rate gangs right up there with drunk drivers, Catholic priests, and the Grand Jury...think about it.... without these groups you could get from point A to point B without gettting run over, molested, beat up, or fleeced!

at great expense to the taxpayer the SB cop cars will be fitted with cameras thanks to the Grand Jury and Peter Lance..the Grand Jury fell for Lance's claim that he wasn't drunk on New Year's Eve in 2011 and cop cameras would have proven it....well I covered that Lance hearing and his case was dismissed because Judge

Brian Hill, who just dismissed me from the jury, said Lance could stop at a green light for up to 30 seconds and it should not concern the cops, so the cop made an illegal stop on New Year's Eve after Lance admitted he was drinking!

that's why I won't serve on a jury with Brian Hill as the judge.. I can't follow his reasoning or his orders or admonitions because most of the time, he's wrong...

now what happens when motorcycle cop stops a drunk driver? are the cycles gonna have cameras too?

hey maybe I could ask the Grand Jury to put cameras in Mail trucks to make sure the postman isn't stealing my mail... yeah, that's a good idea!

what is happening here is the city and Grand Jury have caved to the demands of drunks!!! I'm certain at least a few Grand Jury members like a "Rusty Nail" every now and then..and we've already seen that Lance is a liar and Genis his DUI lawyer is a loser..why would the Grand Jury listen ot a couple of losers? why?? because they are idiots!

and the Mayor and everyone on the council who supported this should be horsewhipped for this rash decision...

so why wasn't I picked for the Jodi Arias murder trial? damn that girl is sexy...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mick. Did you read the Grand Jury report? Everyone else locally already had the dash cameras -- Santa Barbara and Guadalupe were behind the times. Now, the problem that I see is that when the jails get overcrowded, who do they let out early? The drunk drivers.

Mick Von Caw said...

the Grand Jury can KISS MY ASS!!