Saturday, October 8, 2016

Do You Believe In Magic

in a young girl's heart


hey man, local growers, brewers and kennels come out of hiding!!

REMEMBER: today is always the best day!!!

Lately the moon has seared her image in my brain, like a tatoo...the wandering path of the October moon..the way it lingers and just seemingly appears...the moon image at night in that dark sky is very sweet and slightly far, this October has been epic

and I hear John Sebastian is coming to SOHO! darn, I hate that place...bad acoustics, bad seats and the ever-present restaurant buzz is annoying..please John, do the Carp Theater or the Lobero...and I found out at the Who concert, John and Pete are good friends!


but today, the Carp Avocado Fest continues...oh they changed the name to the California Avocado Fest years ago, but they should change it's Carpinteria's festival and everyone is welcome but give credit where credit is chicks, pricey but tasty fish tacos, cold lemonade with hot chick....and good vibes...good music at main stage with guitar gal Xenia I think her name is...she's pretty and good...pretty good!! gave me a big smile and a boner to boot!

now, the moon..I've seen the blood moon, the red moon, the blue moon, the buck moon, the harvest moon, the supermoon, even the black moon which especially interested me

...and I think we have a new moon..the Avocado Moon this weekend for the Avocado's fitting that the avocado is a big money's healthy and yummy and requires patience to eat..

you need to wait for an avocado to get ripe before you enjoy it, like a girl

do you believe like I believe??

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