Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Cheater

Look out for the cheater,  Make way for the fool hearted clown

it's clear to me that instead of investigating the SBPD, Peter Lance should have been investigating his own lawyer, Darryl Genis!!

so I told you about the IRS sending me a letter...about charitible contributions..they wanted more info from me so I sent them a letter telling them they had enough info and to send me my little check...so they finally sent me my $164 which may not sound like alot but it is...it's groceries, coffee and a paper, a carwash, some fine wine and broasted chicken and the cash should last me a few weeks!
(oh, and a Chinese massage!) 

News-Press pro-DUI campaign

if you are honest and conscientious like me, the IRS has no business fucking with you and you need to stand up to them when they do...however, if you willfully try to cheat the hangman, you will get strung up

now, I've written extensively about DUIs and the system that enables them....the lawyers, newspapers and other scoundrels that encourage drunk driving as a civil right...chief among this group of assholes is Wendy and the News-Press..Wendy is an asshole, you know it and I know it and now she knows it! hahaha..she, Nipper, and Scott Steepleton lent a helping hand to Peter Lance and his DUI lawyer, Darryl Genis in 2011 when Lance got busted for DUI by the awesomely effective Santa Barbara police DUI team....

then Lance, who calls himself an 'investigative journalist' ran to the News-Press and wrote a five-part or seven-part series on his arrest..all in an attempt to get out of his DUI ...his series was a lame attempt to discredit the SB cops who arrested him...it's all in this blog somewhere...and everywhere else

the anti-cop/anti-gov't News-Press was in cahoots with Lance and Genis, printing largely fictional and biased stories against the officer at the time, Kasi Beutel who survived the attempted character assassination....

Darryl and Scott all lovey-dovey

but Lance's case finally got dismissed on a (bogus) civil rights issue so said Judge Brian Hill..the same judge who lets guys off for killing little puppies...

ok so I told you all these guys were creeps and not to be trusted and I read in EDHAT today that DUI lawyer Darryl Genis pled guilty to tax evasion!! willfully failing to pay taxes to the tune of over $600000!! and now Darryl is in deep shit...of his own doing...

I wonder how Scott Steepleton at the News-Press is going to react....will he write a story on Darryl? or will he praise his pal for fighting the government?? or just take kissy-poo pictures with him

see, this whole crowd of clowns is dishonest and like I said, Karma and Justice walk hand in hand

as the judge's eagle promenades

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