Sunday, October 30, 2016

What Have They Done to My Song, Ma

Look what they done to my song ma Look what they done to my song Well, it's the only thing that I could do half right And it's turning out all wrong ma


so I'm reading the Sunday News-Press looking for lies and  rightwing religious propaganda and it didn't take long to spot an ad on page 5 from a group Santa Barbara Women For Trump aka Santa Barbara Pussies For Trump...

now this is the weirdest political ad I've seen yet..the gals call it "an election guide" and it's been approved for use in churches by a constitutional attorney..hopefully one who doesn't cheat on his taxes! haha

what have they done to my brain, ma?

then I see Hillary and Donald whose pictures are being used for "educational purposes" the guide says...and it is paid for by Citizens for Community Values out of Cincinnati, Oh...

in other words, it's a rightwing Christian politacal ad for Donald Trump disguised as an election guide! geez, do they think I is stupid??

then they list a bunch of things Hillary won't do but Donald will do like Appoint Pro-Life Judges, Protect Second Amendment, Defund Planned Parenthood, Protect Biblical Religious Conscience whatever that means, Protect Traditional Marriages (and insane asylums??)
and some more rightwing concerns..

this is not an election guide or educational material, it's propaganda..the same ultra-conservative shit they use to brainwash the kids at the Young Miss America Foundation, Wendy's nonprofit....

then at the bottom of the ad, they use Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again"
which is pretty stupid if they are claiming it is not a political ad!!

which it is

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