Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Family Of Man

Prices are rising, the devil's to pay
Moving the mountain that got in the way
Prayer books and meetings to find a plan
Deciding the fate of the family of man

I went into Santa Barbara for an exorcism or to see about an exorcism

well it seems the police are finally getting the respect they deserve...fundraisers at the Sod Farm (the polo fields next to the other polo fields) in Summerland, where the Carpinteria avocado groves and pot farms kiss the polo ponies and the foothills

locally the police are getting some respect so all the pro-DUI/anti-cop stuff from the News-Press Three Amigos, Peter Lance and Darryl Genis and Scott Steepleton, BACKFIRED like an old Toyota!! they tried to disparage some Santa Barbara cops to get Lance out of a DUI trial, but the Three Amigos were proven to be liars and lost all credibility...

did you ever notice cops? their uniforms? they look like priests


now, I was in Santa Barbara yesterday right around the time of the water main break on Milpas..did I cause it..no, you can't blame me for everything..the family of man has decided to bury the water pipes, some 1000 years old and the cops were right there directing traffic and taking care of business..so I got my burger which I'll eat later but first a trip to the dental hygienist...you know when I'm sitting on the chair and she's sticking her fingers in my mouth, leaning in and cleaning up my trashy pie hole and caressing my gums and so on, what do I think about? baseball, the burger, and how far up her pu**y I can stick my tongue...next thing I know she's done cleaning and I'm totally satisfied and we're all happy

as I walk out the dentist door I see an old cop pal....he was parked by the dentist which is close to the Trinity church and he tells me everything is good and getting better at the SBPD and there's a Lieutenant in the future for another well-known lady cop who struck fear in every drunk driver in Santa Barbara, especially middle-aged drunk white men....

well good! Justice is a funny thing and so is karma..

so I'm talking to this cop who's parked close to the church and dressed in black or real dark blue... and asked him if he could perform an exorcism....

ON WENDY!!! hahahaha!

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