Saturday, October 29, 2016

Night Moves

I woke last night to the sound of thunder, how far off I sat and wondered

they say Carpinteria is having crime slashed at night, illegal pot farms, parolees being dumped at Motel 6, methheads running around....and all in my neighborhood!

well I don't know but we do seem to have an uptick in poor white trash around here..perhaps an exodus from Oklahoma is to blame..trailer parks with tattoed fat girls and skinny long-hair white guys with broken teeth and they can barely put a coherent thought together, ie Donald Trump voters!
and all the beer joints don't help..Island Brewery seems to attract these retards and if you've seen the owner, you'd know why...not exactly the picture of health


but I'm not worried about the crime too much because we got the cops on it..and as long as education remains a low priority among white trash and they are allowed to keep breeding, the cops have endless job security...and actually, Carpinteria has always been a kinda wild west show anyway, they used to have the Carson and Barnes Circus on the Bluffs! then the yuppies moved in and complained about animal cruelty...geez, can't anyone have a little fun???


so I see in December that Rancho Monte Alegre will be auctioned off, no reserve but the asking price is around $32 million....I told you about my stay at the ranch in Olive Carey's old pink cottage..the cocktail parties she threw with John Wayne and Robert Mitchum..the ranch cats and wild beautiful nights..and of course the crazy owners...

I really enjoyed my time up there and I looked for a place close-by to buy and did buy by the way...but I went up to the ranch to look around, trespassed a little and it still is gorgeous...the place was sold after I moved out and it's for sale again... Arnold and Maria bought a house up there but Maria didn't like it and Arnold is a big doofus anyway...Arnold is no John Wayne

the present owners changed the entrance but there's still the big yellow foreman's house and lots of lemon and avocado trees as it was a working ranch...

it is an historical ranch...the reason I love Carpinteria...great western ag tradition with huge open spaces that I hope we don't lose...

and the children of the night crying out their songs

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