Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Eminence Front

it's a put-on

so I'm watching the Brides of Fu Manchu and it's a bunch of scantily-clad women running around with knives, stabbing people; Fu Manchu standing around like a breadstick; his pretty daughter casting spells...and some beheadings.... and oh, a snake pit! it was pretty bad and way cheesy

I couldn't help but wonder though as I watched the 2nd debate, if Donald Trump was under Fu's daughter's spell...he lumbered around the stage like a big fat zombie as if in a trance and looked like he wanted to stab Hillary in the pussy with his steely knives!

but there's two things Donald must do to get back on track: drop the email and Benghazi nonsense...wiki-leaks already knows everything about us Americans and Benghazi was a witchhunt...the commission was headed by goofy Trey Gowdy from South Carolina who can't even keep people in his own state safe from murderous racists... in church no less!... so how is Hillary supposed to stop violence in Libya? the contracted security squad failed miserably to protect the diplomats and when the rubber hit the road, they all blamed Hillary....why didn't they blame Reagan when 200 American troops got killed in Beirut after their barracks were raided??

and then there was Melania, who always looks like she's in a trance or ready to suck your blood, wearing a red dress...with a "pussy bow"

a pussy bow!! this is one damn sexy political season

come and join the party dressed to kill

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