Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Throwing It All Away

throwing it all away


Bernie Sanders should keep his mouth shut about stocks..there's many small investors who lost some money when he dissed some drug stocks...a business he knows nothing about..he set off a panic and now we play the waiting game..oh the stock will rise no thanks to Bernie, but he's a stupid old man and a pothead to boot

now I was watching Justin Fareed and Salud Carbajal debate and they both looked a little retarded..seriously...think alpha males...

but to my surprise they both were in favor of Prop 64, legalizing marijuana.. Salud thinks we can regulate it like alcohol and it'll be fine and it won' will make it easier for people to get pot and get high which is a silly way to spend your time

there's not much difference between stoners and drunks..their goal is the same: try to escape reality which is impossible!!

I read the story of a girl named Spring who was arrested for DUI in Santa Maria...another driver was killed and Spring faces a ten year sentence if found guilty...and she's had some behavioral issues in the past...again, the cops become the babysitters with people who get too drunk to function

from public arrest records:
Arrested For DUI Alcohol W/BAC > .08
DUI Alcohol/Drugs With Bodily Injury
Driving While Under Influence W/Prior Specificed Conviction

Previous Arrest History
Resist/Obstruct/Delay Peace Officer
Battery On Peace Officer/Emergency Personnel Lompoc

Spring of course is innocent until a court convicts her...but what a shame...32 year old gal with rocking future throws it away just to get drunk...

but I don't know why people think they can drink and drive..

they will always end up in a ditch, sooner or later

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