Thursday, October 27, 2016

Juke Box Hero

he's a  juke box hero

rain? no there will be no rain...don't be fooled....outhouses will be the next big thing and will save tons, no- make that thousands of acre-feet of water...a gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs

DAY THREE: nothing on the front page of the News-Press about News-Press pal DUI lawyer Darryl Genis and his guilty plea for tax evasion..TAX EVASION! least Darryl didn't kill anyone

but there was a story about Spring Morrissey and her DUI issue..unfortunately, a lady died and Spring was arrested for DUI...such a waste of two lives... but I can assure you, Spring won't be knocking on Darryl's law office door for her DUI representation...

and then the story by Scott Steepleton about the Jesus Bus...GLORY BE!! SCOTT DONE FOUND RELIGION!!

in 2015, Scott rushed to defend pal Darryl on the front page! (and blame the DA)

the Jesus Bus is on tour to stop abortions..especially the ones at Planned Parenthood, a fav target of Christian I got no problem defunding Planned's a nonprofit that should raise its own money, not depend on tax money..and it would probably get all those Christians kooks to go away

but why isn't there a Jesus Bus on tour to stop drunk driving? or a bus tour to stop wars...doesn't Jesus care about that?? well, touring on a bus with a bunch of goofy religious fanatics won't stop abortions....what will stop abortions is sex education and these folks are anti-sex education unless it's abstinence only..but that will never work...people are wired to have sex and ignorance breeds unwanted pregnancies, STDs and so miscarriages are God's abortions so the topic of ABORTION will never be settled....and the GOV"T needs ot stay out of the issue which should be a woman's decision ultimately....

oh and that guy from Lompoc, the armpit of the county, is on trial for sex with children...that's what he's accused of, the old lewd and lascivious charge...this guy was Citizen Of The Year and held some religious sway over Lompocians...I don't know if he's guilty because the court room appears to be a circus..and with Judge Denise de Bellefeuille and Judge Flores presiding, it's kinda like having Judge Brian Hill or Daffy Duck presiding...
the Lompoc guy will get his case dismissed, I bet

Jane, what's next on the juke box? another song to keep me sane

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