Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm Looking Through You

where did you go?

with the drought entering the sixth year and the advent of Donald Trump, his Russian wife and his Stepford children overtaking the White House, I have come to the conclusion I don't know anything anymore...I thought I knew something, what did I know?

maybe the great American experiment has failed and we should go back to the Mother Country, England...the Brits got more class!

I look to the skies like a fool for rain..a 20% chance of rain this weekend only means an 80% chance it won't rain...

a drop of rain is all I axe instead people are walking around parched and dry...seemingly it is raining everyplace else on earth except here in Southern California

and the sun is hot..been hot for five years..beating down making me sweat, necessitating at least two showers per day, not good in a drought..but the showers I take means that water is lost...down the drain..but what if I had a septic tank? I could use that gray water and keep the lawns fed...but remember, Heal The Ocean and the phony celebs went on a bender and got lots of beach communities at great expense to hook up to the sewer which essentially wastes water...

I look outside and see some light fluffy clouds and blues's warm and sticky and there's some confused elderly folks, stuffed into color-clashing Lance Armstrong-like riding clothes..peddling their bikes to some Peloton graveyard...

what does all this mean?

I don't know

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