Thursday, October 20, 2016

Viva Las Vegas

bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire

last night's debate in Vegas was good and Donald as usual sounded nuts..babbling...Hillary beat him bad...Trump says if he loses the election there will be a pussy riot!

ok so Wendy starts bragging that she made the national news as being the only paper in the USA to endorse Donald'll recall Wendy also endorsed Orly Taitz, the Birther Queen who ran for senate or whatever and lost badly...Donald and Orly are both birthers..

but what Wendy says is not true...the News-Press was not mentioned by national media as being the only paper in the USA to endorse Trump...I looked and searched and couldn't find anything on a major level...the only thing I found was the National Enquirer as being the first MAJOR newspaper to endorse Trump....the Natioanl Enquirer is a gossip rag

Wendy's was a single note endorsement and the first editorial endorsement was from the St Joseph News-Press in Missouri (same company that owns KEYT)

from the web: Well, it only took until 23 days before the election, but we finally have our first American daily newspaper editorial endorsing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the general election. It was published Sunday in the St. Joseph News-Press (circulation 26,000) of northwest Missouri, and brings the unofficial Wikipedia count of endorsements to Hillary Clinton 147, Gary Johnson 6, and Donald Trump 2 (the other being a single note in the iconoclastic Santa Barbara News-Press). Fifteen papers have declined to endorse, and another 9 just urged readers to not vote Trump, so you could plausibly argue that the GOP candidate has -7 daily newspaper endorsements

the headline should be: Two Insignificant Daily Newspapers, Both Named News-Press, Endorse Trump

anyway, I was willing to give Trump a look but as time went on, he became unhinged...conspiracy theories, racism, sexism and just crazy teabagger stuff comes out of his mouth...."lock her up" he tells his flock about what he'll do to Hillary without regard to due process....grab 'em by the pussy he tells others

the News-Press goes on to parrot what Trump says and what Trump says is the sky is green...but it is not green

America does not need a wall at the Mexican border, it needs a history lesson

Wendy says Donald will surround himself with the best people to make America Great Again but if you look at his campaign, it is total chaos so he can't pick a winning team!!

Wendy and Donald have the same delusions..they claim the economy is in decline because the Treasury keeps printing free money, so that's why we have a 20 trillion dollar debt

the economy is fine, the stock market is up, American companies like AMAZON are making a killing..and so are Apple, and the banks are doing good...the Obama people simply put in some checks and balances so we don't go back to the Bush era..that's where the trouble started with the expensive Iraq invasion, the WALL Street free-fall and the mortgage crisis and on and on....two terms of Obama have corrected some of the mess Bush made, but it will take more time and less involvement in other countries and their civil wars...let them fight their own battles

the DOW stands at 18000 today; when Bush left it was at 8000....of course the DOW is a mirror of the economy

Donald Trump can't handle strong women..he whines, goes on twitter rampages trying to get revenge, can't stand a free press and acts like spoiled brat

Trump has no business being the President Of The United States any more than Wendy has any business owning the News-Press (which she bought with divorce money that she did not work for or earn) and there's more choices for POTUS than Hillary and Donald..

but the question is why do newspapers endorse anybody?

it's the biggest conflict of interest out there!

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