Wednesday, June 15, 2011

angel is a centerfold

de old folks at home..

when I was a kid, I'd find Playboy magazines lying around the house...not exactly hidden, but not exactly in plain site....I figured they were my old man's or brothers....I opened them and saw naked ladies, posed, air-brushed, with perky tits staring at me...I read their likes and dislikes..occasionally, I'd rip out the centerfold and attempt to mate with her..hey, that's what teens do..every male needs a playmate at sometime in his life...

please give a warm welcome to:

Lexi Lombardelli

HOMETOWN: Plant City, FL
BIRTHDAY: 07/30/1988
HEIGHT: 5′ 1″
WEIGHT: 103 lbs

but you gotta hand it to Hugh Heffner for at least trying to fight censorship...Hefs an old dude now who still likes young blondes, but that's no reason to discard him like yesterday's papers, is it?

I found another thing that scares some Santa Barbarans....old folks..specifically, the old folks who live in Hidden enclave of wealthy white middle aged yuppies, with designer dogs and fears of ivy....I watched the city council meeting regarding the Valle Verde Retirement home expansion and watched some residents of Valle Verde come and speak to the benefits of the place..these folks were doctors and lawyers and soldiers who lived before us and now deserve a nice environment to live the rest of their days, without being harassed by a few idiotic neighbors..those neighbors I witnessed on Tuesday night try ot derail the project with fears that I found chick came up and cried about the "poison invasive species" that are growing on the Valle Verde property (a definite old people metaphor)...she had slides showing some ivy and other plants that scared her..she was insane, jabbering about non-natives being a threat to her safety!!

then some dude came up and complained about trucks, intersections and eucalyptus trees...and some lady, a valley girls blonde lawyer went on and on about how special she is and should not have to put up with old people in her neighborhood....

it was a very silly display by some elitists..and I rather do not appreciate elitists..they do not impress me..they think they are special, but they sit on the crapper just like everyone else, so they're really not so high class, after all, are they....

I haven't really paid this neighborhood a visit and I think I will....and maybe give them all something worthwhile to be afraid of....


FYI said...

you make some good points but i think if you investigate further you will find that green valley is a shadey pines type organization that is a tax exempt not for profit type outfit that is not only screwing the neighbors but the state of california and city habitants as well because they contribute little if any property taxes

Mick Von Caw said...

well,the neighbors made a lame case against Valle least at the meeting...and while I agree nonprofits need to pay up, not all are bad, just most of them as I've said many many many many times here..