Thursday, June 23, 2011


a "special" five part investigative series investigating the investigative journalist who is investigating the cop who arrested him for Mick Von Caw

so I'm supposed to feel sorry for the slacker from the "Jackass" movies for killing himself and a buddy while driving drunk?? I saw this guy down a bottle of tequila in front of an audience for a publicity stunt...he was in his 30s..well past the age to get serious and get a real job..add something to society...instead he's praised by his idiot friends..well, I'm not sorry he's dead AT ALL but I'm glad he didn't kill an innocent by-stander..goddam stupidass drunk drivers!! I am sick of babysitting these dudes with my tax dollars!!

the People vs Peter Lance

the News-Press and Peter Lance, their "five time Emmy Award winning sometime investigative reporter" are in damage control mode.....and after some speculation, we finally get a DUI confession/explanation from Peter Lance on the front page of the News-Press..Peter started a five part investigative series to deflect attention away from himself, accusing the police of manipulating evidence in an unrelated DUI case and accusing the officer who arrested him of running a scam! Lance is good friends with News-Press editor Don Katich...

Lance confessed to getting busted for drunk driving on New Year's day and being a defendant in the case of the People vs Peter Lance after mention was made on this blog..he says he was innocent with only a 0.09 BA level and blames a police officer named Kasi Beutel for arresting him for quota purposes...

well I gotta say THANK YOU OFFICER BEUTEL (an obviously healthy woman) for getting these drunken jackasses off the ROAD!!

what a jackass...Peter Lance, the 5 time Emmy award winning former ABC News sometimes News-Press investigative reporter, is obviously pretty desperate......and now we have another "investigative report" in the News-Press after we, that's right, we exposed his upcoming criminal trial on this blog....who else could he turn to but enabler Wendy?

now, I believe that Peter may be an dare the cops arrest him for drunk's all their fault...instead of admitting it like a man, he will do a FIVE PART SERIES on the police conspiracy against exhaustive wordy excuse for his own irresponsible actions as he admits he was only a little drunk when he got behind the wheel and blew a 0.09.... for a 160 lb man, that's five beers!!!

consider this: 0.09-0.25 is the favorite Blood Alcohol range of the drunks on Team Wendy

0.09 - 0.25 Excitement Emotional instability; loss of critical judgment
Impairment of perception, memory and comprehension
Decreased sensitory response; increased reaction time
Reduced visual acuity; peripheral vision and glare recovery
Sensory-motor incoordination; impaired balance

so Peter Lance will attempt to put the cop who arrested him on trial in the News-Press, will attempt to show all the poor little drunks whose lives she's destroyed by stopping them while they were inebriated...if you don't drive drunk folks you got nothing to worry about..if you choose to drive drunk, you may get caught and come up with these wild grandiose ideas of pink elephants that are chasing you as you try to resurrect a washed up career with the help of Wendy and Nipper....running to the News-Press to save your that shows some serious impairment of perception!!!

tomorrow.... a closer look at this Peter Lance character and his emails to me....


Denial said...

Still in the 1st stage.

Anonymous said...

how can news czar don katich think this is acceptable, much less a good idea? oh yeah, that's right, he is a realtor and event promoter hired with zero newspaper publishing experience. and a friend of the accused drunken driver to boot. wendy has surrounded herself with some real winners. with her billion$, you'd think she could buy better bitch bois than von sleezleburger, creepleton and scrapich.

Anonymous said...

This series will be forever tainted by the speculation that Peter Lance is out to get the cop who arrested him.

Anonymous said...

The Santa Barbara Police Department has responded with a press release, and it's being posted on local news and blog sites. Wonder if Wendy McCaw will retaliate. Former employees who have criticized her know how vindictive she can be.

Anonymous said...

The comments thus far indicate an irrational rage towards the NP or Lance or an orchestrated campaign in defennse of Beutel. Common sense would indicate that the indiscretion of the NP in having a person arrestred for a crime do an investigative series on the arresting officer pales before the accusations against the officer. Lance presents strong evidence against Beutel that warrants in-depth investigation. Persons guilty of a DUI may not be happy at the consequences, but the anger of a falsely arrested person is far greater. Why the rush to defend an officer without waiting for the outcome of the investigation? Does anyone really believe that the SBPD is untainted by corruption? With a City Council that falls over itself to praise the police (and take the generous contributions of their union), with a do-nothing Fire and Police Commission, it would not be surprising to find wide-spread abuse.

Mick Von Caw said...

"it would not be surprising to find wide-spread abuse"..why? because they belong to a union? if you have an issue with the cops, file a lawsuit!

Lance was arrested for drunk driving..period..he doesn't like it and enlists the testimony of two other a "drunkalogue", to cry about the cop who arrested them...and publishes it in a friend's newspaper.. where do I start wth this guy..he's a weasel...his lawyer's a weasel, the NP are weasels, and the "handwriting expert" is a weasel with ETHICS VIOLATIONS..I don't know the cop involved but I do know when adults can't accept responsibility for their own actions, they blame others..and that's what Lance has's epidemic with the News-Press your eyes

Anonymous said...

peter lance should be given the key to the city.....excellect reporting and i thank you for showing people in sb how crooked and "money hungry" the pd can be???