Saturday, June 25, 2011

liquor is quicker...

the Vatican protects child molester priests and DUI lawyers protect drunk drivers...

there's no doubt that alcohol is a big business..lots of money for everyone to go around....there is no way to stop people from drinking and I really don't want to..if given enough information they will decide for themselves when and where to drink....however, I do get furious when all that information is available, yet people still drive drunk..into their 30s 40s 50s 60s....

coaching boozehounds

DUI lawyers will tell you not to obey a cop if you get pulled other words, they tell you to act guilty and immature !! what a scumbag job..... taking money to protect drunk drivers... I've always felt that DUI lawyers were the 2nd lowest life form above only child molesters...pretty silly way to make a living if you axe me...but Peter Lance needed a lawyer..a DUI lawyer and there's one I always see in the papers or online..this guy Darryl Genis is defending Lance...Genis thinks Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are a threat to your civil liberties!!

I took this from his website..what a scumbag!!!

Law Offices of Darryl W. Genis
the california dui environment
California is unique among the states in depriving its citizens of fundamental rights.

"Drinking & driving is not a crime in Santa Barbara."
In fact, adults may drink and drive legally in all fifty states, so long as they don't drive impaired or with a blood alcohol level above 0.08%. Unfortunately, many people are arrested for DUI when all they really did was drive after drinking.
That's why we're here. We are a law firm dedicated to defending citizens of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties by shattering the myths that for so long have led to the conviction of innocent drivers. We use real science and established police standards to show how easily someone may be wrongfully accused.
People visit these pages for many reasons. Whether you're shopping for a lawyer, doing research on MADD's threat to your civil liberties or researching defenses to a DUI, we invite you to pull up a chair. If you drink alcohol in Santa Barbara, you may wish to learn how to avoid an arrest or learn how to assert your rights if you are stopped. You may want to know what to expect from the DUI process in Santa Barbara. Whatever your reason for dropping by, we're glad you're here."

so according this jackass Darryl Genis, driving under the influence is a civil liberty!!!

the handwriting on the wall..

ok... so we got Lance and another drunk driver, a chick from UCSB, claiming that they didn't sign a waiver during their arrest, but that of the two signatures, one was forged by the cops or some phantom cop...

...and he's relying on a 'handwriting" expert, James Blanco to testify that the signatures were forged..and..STOP RIGHT THERE!! a handwriting expert? relying on a handwriting expert is like relying on a fortune's goddam's circus stuff...why do the courts allow this stuff??
"At first this question might seem like a great opportunity to lay out the difference between science and pseudoscience. On the one hand we have forensic handwriting analysis, in which an expert decides whether two or more samples were written by the same person, e.g., whether a signature was forged. On the other we have graphology, in which some sage tries to divine a subject's personality traits from his or her handwriting. While graphology enjoys about the same prestige as palm reading, forensic handwriting analysis has helped send people to jail since the days of the Lindbergh kidnapping. But in the eyes of the law, the credibility of such analysis is on the wane. Thanks to a landmark Supreme Court ruling in the early 90s, more and more federal judges are deciding that while forensic handwriting analysis may not be quackery, it's not exactly science either."

but let's assume that there are credible document examiners....according to Lance's article in the News-Press, Blanco told Lance that he was certain beyond a reasonable doubt that one of the two signatures on the documents ( Lance's DUI tickets)was forged....AND THAT SHOULD BE A RED FLAG TO THE COURTS!

"Qualified handwriting experts will first determine whether a questioned document contains a sufficient amount of writing to permit identification. Then, the expert will determine whether he can obtain adequate other examples of the subject's handwriting. If the questioned document and the exemplars contain sufficient identifiable characteristics, the expert considers both the similarities and the differences in the writings, and determines if there is a match. Often, experts consider unexplained differences in writing to be more important than similarities.
Even though the ultimate litigation goal is to determine the author of a particular document, many good handwriting experts will only go so far as opining that the writing is either consistent or inconsistent with having been authored by the person in question. If you are faced with an expert that is willing to make 100% definitive statements about authorship, (ie that it was forged,) on the record, it should be a red flag regarding the person's qualifications and professional affiliations." MGGLAW PLCC

geez Lance, what a sloppy investigation!!! and check this out about James Blanco:

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences has settled a federal lawsuit brought by a former member of its Questioned Documents section, James A. Blanco, who was expelled from the Academy in 2008, following an ethics investigation. The settlement brings an end to proceedings that began in 2006 when an ethics complaint was filed against Mr. Blanco.
On June 13, 2008, following an evidentiary hearing, the Academy’s Ethics Committee found clear and convincing evidence that Blanco had violated Section 1(a) of the Academy’s Code of Ethics and Conduct by submitting an erroneous and misleading report to be used in the judicial process, thereby diminishing confidence in forensic scientists and their disciplines..

The Academy’s President, Joseph Bono, noted, "The Academy’s Board of Directors has agreed to a non-monetary settlement of the lawsuit brought by James Blanco, a former member of the Academy who was expelled after having been found to have committed ethical violations in 2008 following an investigation of the Academy's Ethics Committee. To put an end to the nuisance of continued litigation, and the associated time and expense to the Academy, the Board of Directors resolved to settle the lawsuit under terms which simultaneously vacated the Board's expulsion and permitted Mr. Blanco to withdraw from the Academy in exchange for his pledge to never again seek admission to the Academy and to refrain from any further lawsuits against the Academy and its members."

last call, Peter


QDwatch said...

Friday, July 1, 2011
"liquor is quicker... " - A Response
The below is posted in response to a blog posting with regard to Forensic Document Examination.

Dear Mr. Mick Von Caw:

Regarding your scathing remarks about Mr. James Blanco, you were at least kind enough to include in your citation the important fact that the American Academy of Forensic Sciences ("AAFS") vacated Mr. Blanco’s expulsion. The vacation of the expulsion occurred after Mr. Blanco SUED the AAFS in Federal Court for his improper expulsion. But then you go on to say, “this dude Blanco is dirty!!”.

Apparently, the AAFS nor you know what the word VACATE means….

To vacate something is:
“…to set aside or annul an order or judgment which he/she finds was improper.”

Recently, a Federal Judge in Federal Court stated ON THE RECORD when the expulsion issue was brought up that Mr. Blanco “….did nothing wrong” and, “…it was reversed.” – The Judge’s words, not mine.

PER DEFINITION-what you have then is the AAFS setting aside or annulling their expulsion of Mr. Blanco because the expulsion was improper. It was obvious that the AAFS did not want to proceed to the discovery phase nor to the trial phase in this matter. The AAFS’s main witness testified under oath that Mr. Blanco would had been remiss if he did not use the disputed examination techniques at issue.

Of further significance was that the person who played “prosecutor” for the AAFS against Blanco was none other than Ken Melson from the ATF. Ken Melson is currently in the hot seat with Congress over the death of one ATF agent and one ICE Agent in Mexico. Mr. Melson was involved in the “Fast and Furious” and “Gun Walker” programs. These programs allowed straw buyers to purchase firearms that got into the hands of a few DRUG LORDS in Mexico that were used to kill the one ATF agent and one ICE agent. ….and YOU speak of dirty? Just Google “Ken Melson” or “Fast and Furious” or “Gunwalker”.

Finally, it does not escape the Courts notice when Mr. Blanco testifies in ongoing matters that he has a ZERO PERSONAL EXAMINER ERROR RATE on controlled proficiency tests that pertain to Forensic Document Examination. These tests are provided by Collaborative Testing Services. These are the same exact tests administered to forensic document examiners in government run document laboratories.

How about posting an apology and retraction ?

AUTHOR NOTE: The above response was posted on Mr. Mick Von Caw blog. Mr. Mick Von Caw moderates comments on his blog and the response is awaiting approval.


Mick Von Caw said...

DQ..I'll check with my fortune teller and get back to you...but I'm glad to see Mr. Blanco is back in the AAFS!

QDwatch said...

Mr. Von Caw:

To clarify your statement:
Mr. Blanco IS NO longer a member of the AAFS. As part of the settlement agreement Mr. Blanco resigned his membership.

Thank-you for posting the response.


Anonymous said...

YOu may not want to admit this but sometimes innocent people are arrested. I was arrested and it took 7 months to get the blood test results from the state and quess what _ no alcohol or drugs!thankfully all charges were dropped. Now i have to spend money to try to seal the arrest record even though i wasnt charged because guess what- I was innocent!!
I too use to despise trial attorneys until i needed one. I too use to think all people arrested for DUI were guilty until it happened to me!