Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i gotta brand new pair of roller skates

you got a brand new key...

let's see...how about we take a look at a couple of nonprofits...

one called the California Space Authority was headed by Republican Andrea Seastrand who spent lots of money on facelifts, and a bunch of other conservatives who promised a big space center in Lompoc, got millions of dollars from the gov't, then disappeared!
CSA Took $16M in Public Funds (Source: Pacific Coast Business Times)
The recently dissolved California Space Authority used millions of dollars in federal earmarks and grants to shuffle paper and produce reports with little to show for it. It also acted as conduit to help secure federal funding for government contractors, including some who wrote checks to the Space Authority. The group said it played by the rules.

The Space Authority, based in Santa Maria, was a private nonprofit group designed to bring together California’s space industry. Its major supporters included Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon. But the nonprofit secured only a few hundred thousand dollars per year from those sources, its leaders say.

The Space Authority’s largest source of funding has been government. U.S. and California agencies gave it $15.9 million directly during the past 15 years. These governments also tapped the Space Authority to oversee or screen proposals for $106.6 million in additional government spending.

the other is called Move America Forward, a movement born out of the Recall Gray Davis campaign years ago...and gave us Arnold!!!

I saw this press release in the Independent of all places...Radio talk show hosts Dr. Laura Schlessinger (Dr. Laura is one of the most popular radio talk shows in the radio world. She reaches out to a huge and very diverse group of audiences with her mix of relationship and family advice, personal responsibility and a smattering of political opinion. Her unique blending of social and political commentary has hundreds of listeners calling in everyday with problems, and seeking Dr. Laura’s advice)...Her own son, Deryk Schlessinger joined the United States Army in 2004 and served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr Laura takes her role as an Army Mom very seriously and she supports the troops 110% that’s why she’s joined Troopathon) and Michael Graham have BOTH just joined the 4th annual Troopathon campaign to send the largest single shipment of care packages to U.S. troops in history who sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms....

troops who sacrifice to protect our freedoms???...well, no not really...we invaded these countries so if you sign up for that expect to be shot at and killed......invading Iraq and Afghanistan has made America less safe....the argument that we attacked to liberate women is silly...Saudi Arabia won't let women drive, should we attack them too...no, they give us oil...America needs a reality check..GET THE FUCK OUT OF THESE ISLAMIC COUNTRIES and let the troops come back to their families, then you won't have to send care packages or hold pro-war rallies..see, it's simple!!

but war is a big business
U.S. Defense Contractors' Overseas Sales Surge (Source: LA Times)
Defense contractors are finding foreign markets lucrative as demand surges for weaponry made in the U.S. In 2011, U.S. firms are expected to sell $46.1 billion in military hardware to foreign markets. The increase in overseas sales comes as the U.S. government aims to trim its defense spending. However, the situation is raising concerns among advocates of arms control. (6/19)
Jesus H Christ on a popsickle stick..we've been through all these shady war charities that enrich the people running them..fraud fraud fraud..to support the troops of course...best way to support the troops and stop invading sovereign countries!! you dumbass conservatives can't get that through your heads??

Move American Forward describes itself as "...a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization committed to supporting America’s efforts to defeat terrorism and supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces." which is bullshit because it's a rightwing pro-war PAC/lobby disguised as a charity, and nonprofit...Move America Forward (MAF), part of a pro-war lobby, is headed by California Republican activists, talk show hosts and staff members of the public relations firm Russo, Marsh and Rogers which has strong ties to the Republican Party. PR professional Sal Russo is the chief strategist for MAF. It is a conservative 501c3 not-for-profit organization formed in early 2004 by Howard Kaloogian and "acclaimed radio and television personality" Melani Morgan (formerly of KSFO 560 AM -- San Francisco). As a non-profit organization it is not required to reveal its funders to the public...
and Dr. Laura...the only reason she does these things is for publicity...for her dumb dying career....
whatever....just as long as she keeps her boney ass out of Carpinteria and sells her propaganda elsewhere.... but "Move America Forward" is now on my radar..


Yesterday's news tomorrow said...

The big story on the N-P's front page today is about Peabody Charter School Principal Kate Ford heading to Seattle to work for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Noozhawk had the story nearly a month ago.

Nipple to the bottle said...

Have you seen fatty grandibelli with dotty at the end of that On Patrol police show. Fatty's donating camera equipment in exchange for a lovey and dovey photo op. It is hysterical that Chief Sanchez would fall for all this suck up b.s. unless he is in for it.