Friday, June 24, 2011

jackass, part 2

what's the difference between a jackass and a jerkoff? NOTHING!!

no more excuses, Peter

from the police report which was not included in Peter Lance's story: On January 1st, 2011 at approximately 1:06 a.m., Officers Peterson and Clark were on patrol, en-route to an assigned call. They were driving up Santa Barbara Street, and stopped at a red light at Victoria Street. Stopped next to them was a black Range Rover being driven by Peter Lance, age 63. Stopped behind the Range Rover was another motorist. The light turned green, but the officers noticed that the Range Rover did not proceed forward. After about 5 seconds, the officers turned on a light to illuminate the interior of the Range Rover. One officer described Lance as looking down at his lap; the other described him as head drooping, chin nearly on his chest. After more seconds passed, Lance slowly drove forward through the intersection. The officers stopped Lance at 1400 Santa Barbara Street for Vehicle Code Sections 21451(a) which requires drivers to proceed when the light is green, and 22450, impeding traffic. Officer Peterson contacted Lance and noticed an odor of an alcoholic beverage. Lance said he drank 3 glasses of Champagne....
and that should be the end of the story!!!

so day two of Lance's self- investigation into his DUI arrests, full of faux facts and *maybe* the cops did this and *possibly* the cops did he dredges up a guy named Mike Kenny..a "fisherman" who has been arrested for drunk driving before and drives around in an old truck with non-functioning you see a pattern of behavior here among these boozehounds..they are like two year olds who can't deal with authority!!!

apparently Kenny was driving on the Mesa one night and Officer Beutel noticed his tail lights and brake lights weren't working and he was driving SHE STOPPED HIM!! ie she did her job...

but Peter and the News-Press are suggesting she should let these jackasses go?? Kenny was arrested for resisting arrest, but the DUI allegedly couldn't be proved...I wonder how much the News-Press paid Kenny for his story even though it doesn't prove anything other than the cops got a tough job dealing with idiots every day and this dude Mike Keeny has to wear a monitoring ankle bracelet and they don't issue those to innocent citizens...this guy sounds like a slacker and a boozer...hey dude, when your brake lights don't're supposed get them fixed.....duh!!!!

again.... thanks to the cops on the DUI beat for doing their jobs like they are supposed to do! if there ever was a story that highlights what public safety employees deal with, this is it...they earn every penny of their salaries and pensions!!

here's the email exchange between Peter and me where he calls me "Mike"... he was fishing for dirt on Officer Beutel..notice the first email was very polite and cordial..but when I replied and Peter realized I was not a Team Wendy member, he threw a hissy fit, became defensive and accusatory...this leads me to conclude he *may* have *possibly* been blasted when he wrote it...

Peter: Mike, I happened to pull this up from a blog entry you made:

On 11/28 at 12:45 a.m., Officer Beutel, who works DUI enforcement, saw a black 2009 Mini Cooper driving eastbound from 1st E. Ortega Street at high speed. The Mini bottomed out at Anacapa Street, and continued eastbound. At Garden Street, the Mini ran the stop sign at approximately 30 mph, bottomed out again, and abruptly stopped in the middle of the street with the horn blaring. The driver, Jocelyn Harris Smith, age 23, got out and walked to the sidewalk. Officer Beutel stopped Smith and determined that the second bottoming-out was severe enough to deploy the driver?s side airbag. Smith was arrested for DUI.
Can you call me back? Would like to discuss it with you.
Many thanks, Peter Lance

Mick: the name is MICK not what do you want to talk about?? make it brief and to the point...

Peter: Mick, forget it...It sounds like your time is to valuable

well Peter, I'm on to you and my time is TOO valuable.... but instead of denigrating the DUI cops who have to babysit guys like you with my tax dollars, and I don't give fuck how many Emmys you've won, or how far up Wendy's ass you got your nose, you should be thankful you didn't run into me that day.....thank your lucky stars..
tomorrow....what I think of DUI attorneys and a look at the ethics violations from Lance's "handwriting expert" James Blanco...

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Anonymous said...

Just curious. Is this Peter Lance's first arrest for alleged DUI?