Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tension City

a rose by any other name is still a rose...

I was watching the county budget hearings Friday... Salud Carbajal and the new conservative guy Steve Lavagnino were going at it...Steve was complaining that the reason they are in a tight budget situation is because the liberals on the board don't allow enough development of oil and gas or big business, his two main special interests!! that pissed off Salud who proceeded to tell Steve he was oversimplifying the issues and making a political speech..Salud dressed down the rookie!!

Chair Joni Gray and Radio Wendy 1290 AM member Andy Caldwell got into it, too, so she cut off his microphone..." I don't have time to argue with Mr. Caldwell" says Joni....hah!! wow tension city!!

geez... ....people are just a little jumpy lately....everybody needs to just calm down..everything will be alright....relax... like Tommy Bahama says!

now I'm not the only one who looked suspiciously at Greka Oil after they kept spilling oil on land leased ot them by Team Wendy members Brooks Firestone and Cowboy Willie...but I really thought they sunk low when they hired Mike Stoker as spokeman..Mike told us the leaks were the result of political attacks or a phantom saboteur instead of dumb operators and incompetent managers...damn I hate it when people lie staight faced to me!! and guess what..and this is too funny...Mike is back as Greka's spokesman...he was on TV crying about over-regulation and making excuses for Greka with background video of oil oozing out of Greka's facilities onto the ground!! what about corporate responsibility, Mike??

anyway, I read a few stories online about how Greka changed its name to HVI Cat Canyon, Inc...the Pacific Coast Times and Dept of Justice deserve some praise for actual reporting on this...and wow Wendy, so did the local don't be too hard in Saturday's News-Press on the retiring/leaving/running away news director at KEYT, okay honey??
you guys are ten times worse!!!

then I see that a character named Randeep Grewel owns Greka...he's been highlighted in the Indie before they became the Montecito Journal for libs! but Grewel is a billionaire Islamist Montecitoist who can afford to be an environmental terrorist...until the public watchdogs stop him....

from Pacific Coast Business Times:

"According to the federal release, Greka has changed its name to HVI Cat Canyon Inc. The name change is one in a long string for the company once run by Randeep Grewal, an elusive energy magnate who has resurfaced in mainland China with operations under the Greka banner.

The company there is called Green Dragon Gas, and it is traded on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. Last year, it had revenues of $49.7 million, and its assets grew to $963 million.
Over the years, Grewal has moved some assets beyond the reach of courtroom adversaries and creditors. In the bankruptcy proceedings of Saba Enterprises, a firm Grewal controlled, officials found a tangled web of transactions among 30 companies over 20 years. Those transactions included the transfer of Greka Energy companies to entities that Grewal owned directly or indirectly, court documents said.

Because of what officials called the “the curious absence in the books and records turned over” of details related to the transfer of the Greka Energy companies, officials have sought court orders compelling the Greka Energy firms to hand over more information about their transfer."

and ultra-con Team Wendy members like Stoker and Armendariz, two fixtures of the SBCTA who are always crying about too much regulation hurting the California business's the few businesses who are too cheap to police themselves or pay decent wages..
but hey... let's cut regulations across the board..the local water and wastewater treatment plants could run a lot cheaper if they didn't treat the water or sewage..just let it spill in hundreds of thousands of gallons thru the streets of Santa Barbara....or when you turn on your tap, nothing comes out because the stoner operators were busy with online gambling!! yeah, no regulations... that sounds like a brilliant idea!!!
Circus Vargas called and they're missing a few clowns.....

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Rusty Tooter said...

'Green Dragon Gas' now that's funny.