Monday, February 20, 2012

Born in the USA!

from sea to shining sea

I was riding around Carp Sunday, enjoying myself, when I see this sign in a flower grower's lot in the was signed by the Van Wingerdens...what does it mean I put a big preachy sign on your property telling us what they think it means to be an American..are they being investigated by the feds? I don't know but they have a big flower growing operation and I support the growers, but the Van Wingerdens are teabaggers, it seems...and now they are on my radar...

I know that June Van Wingerden has been on the Carp Water District Board incurring huge water debts while Carpinterians pay very high water rates....something the new board is grappling with.... she's been seen at luncheons with Joe Armendariz and Andrew Breitbart..

and the Van Wingerdans immigrated here in know what that means: they are non-native!!!..and June wears a little Dutch boy haircut so why should I care what she thinks about what it means to be an American..I know what it means to be an American, I was born here.. I was born in the USA

it means: freedom comes with can't just do whatever you want...we have individual freedoms so long as they don't infringe on another's rights

when we bomb countries for no reason, and kill their children, we should expect them to defend themselves and that means American casualties...that's why we need to elect leaders who understand this

this is a government of by and for the's not a government designed only for the wealthy

I believe in working for a living..and planning for the day when I don't want to work..that means being fiscally responsible, taking risks, expecting the money markets to be managed honestly, and the right to bargain collectively with an employer..private or public...

I believe when someone tries to steal from me, the Constitition provides a remedy..the right to bear arms... BAMMM!!! so all you yahoos trying to infringe on a worker's right to public service and fair compensation....remember that little word: BAMMM!! I'll blow your motherfucking hearts out.....

we have freedom of religion..if you don't like the fact that I'm not a Christian, I don't really give a shit...and just try to force your religious views on me and you will meet your motherfucking maker.....

I have no problem with taxes as long as they are administered fairly...

and we have my most cherished right..freedom of speech..the right to speak your mind.....censorship is the providence of the ignorant, so when someone tells you you can't read something or tries to ban a book by Mark Twain, tell them to FUCK OFF!! this is AMERICA!!!

I've been around the world and love other places..France, Italy...but I love America the's true some Americans are idiots but finding them and exposing them is fun!!!

well that's my short list....Happy Presidents' Day!

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