Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the sky is crying...

can't ya see the tears roll down my nose....ACHOOOO!!!

well, in 2040, the County of Santa Barbara may go broke paying a bunch of ex-workers their pensions..this will result in no services to the people..so it's every man for himself, every woman for herself...crime will increase, more teachers will have sex with their students, more students will be indoctrinated againt Jesus and will fall into Marxism..and worst of all, we won't have a jail big enough to house the undesirables.....in other words, the sky is falling

ok that's the theme of the latest News-Press editorials by Lanny Ebenstein and Terry Tyler..these guys are trying sooo hard to get rid of unions and collective bargaining they will try anything to demonize government workers..the latest attempt the boys are using is a report by a nonprofit called Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)...

SIEPR is a corporate think tank and has been criticized as such: In yet another confirmation of the questionable methods and conclusions in a new so-called study on public pensions by Stanford students, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer has resigned from a pension advisory panel of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). The panel supposedly was to help provide facts and information for the report.

“When it comes to public pensions, maybe SIEPR should stand for “Stanford Institute to Eviscerate People’s Retirement,” said Lockyer Press Secretary Joe DeAnda. DeAnda said Lockyer agreed to join the advisory panel because he believed SIEPR was interested in producing more thoughtful, evidence-based reports. “Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case. While (study author Joe) Nation may have listened selectively to certain advisers, Lockyer certainly wasn’t one of them, and his concerns about methodology and other issues were ignored. SIEPR clearly has a public pension agenda, and it doesn’t include legitimate research.”

Bill Lockyer is not an enemy of public pension reform. He is, and always has been, a critic of shoddy work, of agenda-driven, pseudo research masquerading as evidence. That’s what SIEPR’s report is, plain and simple. Lockyer makes no apologies for telling that truth.

ok, so does the SIEPR have an agenda..of course it does....like the Koch Bros agenda, like the Ohio and Wisconsin governor agendas...pick the pockets of public workers..plain and simple
these retirement funds have billions of dollars that are invested for the members...when the investment vehicles are being manipulated by unscrupulous people, then we have the Enron fiaso, AIG, the banks and insurance companies trying to RIP YOU OFF..that's where the reform needs to start and it already has....

any way you slice it, this is just a bunch of conseravtive nonprofits giving money to each other to try smear public workers who choose to work for a living instead of beg for money from the likes of Wendy McCuckoo...these public worker funds have been targeted by conservatives for decades! one of the nonprofit sponsors is The Koret Foundation ... worth something like $400 million. It is a rabid advocate for Israel and is extremely conservative...

now, Lanny is the "president" of the nonprofit California Center for Public Policy...a shady conservative cover for public pension robbing....and is anti-worker with members like Brookes Firestone and Joe Armendariz who no doubt like Firestone Ale!!

and where do these guys get their funding?? from sugar mommies and sugar daddies, not from work....and Lanny lost some houses to foreclosure in Eueka, so who would trust him to lecture about financial issues?? the News-Press would, Rupert Murdoch would, but I wouldn't because and I don't trust any of them for a minute!

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