Thursday, February 16, 2012


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when Kate Middleton graced our area with her presence a while back, she brought a little buzz to town....appearing with her hubby Prince William at the Polo Fields in Carp, she was a down to earth gal who happened to be the Duchess of Cambridge...I liked her immediately because I'm a good judge of character and she's pretty hot too...

now, when Kate's helicopter touched down in Carpinteria, my hope is that some of that class would rub off on Carpinteria farm gals..I'm still hoping...

Britain's Kate Middleton takes up addiction causes
Kate Middleton, the newly married wife of England’s Prince William, has become a patron of the British charity Action on Addiction. Her decision is considered controversial because of the stigma attached to drug addiction, with many comparing it to the late Princess Diana’s support of charities benefiting people with HIV/AIDS, which in the early 1980s was also considered controversial.
About one in three people in Great Britain struggle with addictions. One official report from 2007 noted that Britain has the highest rate of drug consumption, and the second highest number of drug-related deaths in the European Union. One in four young people under age 30 years old told researchers they had experimented at least once with Class A drugs like heroin or cocaine. According to the report, Great Britain’s problems are not about casual drug use, but rather that thousands of people are addicted to hard core drugs. Drug abuse costs Great Britain over £13 billion a year for expenses related to medical care, crime, and incarceration.
Middleton, whose formal title is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has already visited and talked to clients enrolled in treatment at Clouds House in East Knoyle near Warminster. The center treats alcoholics and drug addicts through a program that includes detoxification, intensive counseling, and a 12-step agenda.

so we all know how stupid drugs are, yet we flail around trying to get people to stop taking I mentioned before how stupid I thought it was for the SB school board to send in the drug sniffing dogs to junior that is a NAZI instead of educate..the three members who voted for this waste are David Cash,the new superintendent from Fresno, Kate Parker and Ed Heron..they voted "yes" while Annette Cordero and Monique Limon voted "no"...good for Annette and Monique....and this act by the other SB School board members is outrageous!

ACLU of Washington and Center for Justice Applaud Decision

SPOKANE, WA -- In response to a threatened lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington and the Center for Justice, the Nine Mile Falls School District has stopped using drug-sniffing dogs to search its middle and high school students.

"We are pleased that the district has chosen to respect its students," said Julya Hampton, the ACLU of Washington's Legal Program Director. "The district's blanket use of drug-sniffing dogs treats every student as a suspect, without suspicion or evidence that they have done anything wrong."

Superintendent Cash had some leadership issues in Fresno and resigned abruptly because of conflicts with colleagues..and he is heavily supported by pot house landlord and News-Press flunkie Lanny Ebenstein which I find rather ironic..Cash should be calling out the dogs on the druggies over at the News-Press!!! such hypocrites!!

Cash, Parker and Heron are on my radar now..where are the studies indicating drug use in our local schools that requires uniformed officers with mad dogs to sniff thru the students' back packs..this is insane and should be an invasion of privacy....and perhaps it's time to call in the ACLU dogs....

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