Friday, February 17, 2012

tie me kangaroo down, sport

watch me wallabies feed, they're a dangerous breed, mate... o watch me wallabies feed....

well shit maybe I need to move to Oxnard! I've missed two Peter Lance hearings in Ventura and yesterday's in Oxnard....I refuse to travel south because they chopped down tons of eucalyptus trees by the highway and until I restore them all, I will be busy planting...

so I have to rely on my buddy at the New-Press Scott Steepleton for updates and it sounds like the Oxnard hearing was a good one..apparently both Lance and his lawyer Darryl Genis like having sex with kangaroos! they kept muttering stuff about courting kangaroos and shouting 'I wanna have sex with a kangaroo in court!!" or something like that there..I knew they were a couple of loonies!

at issue is whether crybaby Peter Lance should have his license removed because of his DUI....of course he should..there's no question but these hearings keep getting pushed down the road...and it seems that Lance was throwing tantrums and had to be escorted from the room again, just like in SB....

I think the Lance strategy is to cry loud enough so they give him his license back....and as much as these guys try to impune the credibilty of Officer Kasi Beutel, they fail..and it's not hard to see why..Lance's witnesses in his News-Press series were either all drunks or had to wear ankle bracelets provided by the Sheriff's Dept!! and Lance keeps wanking about forgeries that didn't happen!!

Blanco the so-called handwriting expert was already blown away last year in court at the pre-trial hearings...geez, the guy is glorified palm reader with his own ethics's simply ridiculous!! this is all a repeat of what happened in SB!!

these folks need to cut the crap and remove Lance's license for a year and be done with it....taxpayers are paying for this and Lance is clearly in the wrong..and time is a'wastin..


Anonymous said...

Hail Ceasar!

I was curious as to what information or evidence or personal associations you have which supports your confidance that Lance is the slick manipulative maligned lying SOB as so passionately described in your postings?

I suppose I should just take the time to go back and review the posts myself instead of imposing this coorespondence.. Anyhow, it's not that I haven't come to my own conclusion over the Lance vs. Buetel and the color of our law, but I'm curious about where all that clear abundance of motivated passion derives from with which you so effectively tounge lash, with wordings which crack like a whip, like the great Nero... Tossing that Peter like kibble for your lions. Doubling as both entertainent and an appetizer amongst those you seek favor as you toss their Ceasar Salad.. such as the alluring Buetel.

That icon... You are the lion aren't you!
You're NERO..! LOL!
Nero incarnate... LOL!

Hey Yo...
Hey yo... yo... Nero..

Yo Nero...what's wrong Nero, you look a little bored...?
Hey NERO! Why don't we go find us a couple more of dem' goodie goodie christians and instead-a feedin dem fat lions of yours let's soak em in sum olive oil and make a big ol' bonfire for one of yooz famous parties...!

Bootell: "Who tossed my salad..?"

SBNPBlog: "Ceasar did.... Ceasar tossed thy salad..!"
"ALL HAIL CEASAR...The mighty Nero! !"
Ah haha!

Mick Von Caw said...

the reason is because I have a Napoleon complex!