Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ring my bell..

dust my broom and clean my clock...

ok so I'm sitting at home minding my own business when someone puts a little piece of paper on my doorstep..it's an ad for their cleaning service "Cleaning Therapy"...one of the listed benefits of using them to clean my condo is they speak English...that is a buzz kill right there...the last thing I want is an English speaking woman in my condo cleaning it..the problem is she won't clean anything, she'll just talk and complain..and probably steal something..
now, a Spanish or French speaking woman is another story...hardworking ladies come in and do the job...and then the fantasy of a sexual encounter gallups thru my head like a Polo pony...geez, can you imagine a hot Spanish babe who can't speak English, dropping her Windex and dropping her panties and screaming at me in words I can't understand..in a little maid's uniform...hey isn't that what happend to Arnold???
well who can blame him....there's nothing sexier than a woman who can ring my bell AND dust my broom AND clean my clock...

press my shirts
anyway, I got my shirts last week from Schnee's in Montana..nice shirts for a rugged fellow like myself...but the thing is the online order isn't the same as the invoice they sent me...the online price was less because the shirts were on sale and for some reason it indicated I got two for the regular price of one...I thought that's nice a two-for-one sale, but it wasn't.. I called Schnee's and a guy named Bart (!) answered and said he doesn't know what happened but he will charge me for two shirts...no apology no nothing, just, he'll charge me for two shirts, so I said ok and hung up on him... but why should I pay for their online error...they should eat it give me that second shirt for $0.00 like it says on the invoice...
Grand Totals:
SCHNEE'S Gallatin Flannel Shirt
Charcoal Plaid
X-Large $89.00
SCHNEE'S Gallatin Flannel Shirt
Khaki Black Plaid
X-Large $0.00
Subtotal: $89.00
Shipping Rate: $9.50
Total: $98.50
Please note: Orders placed on Friday after 8:00am Mountain Time will ship the following Monday.
Looking for the perfect gift? The Schnee's Gift Card makes gift-giving easy!

if small businesses want a break, then they gotta own up to their mistakes and stop trying to screw the customer...needless to say, I won't do any more business with Schnee's in Montana because they are a bunch booze swilling hillbillies!

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The Rifleman said...

They can afford to give you a freebie. Those expensive Schnee shirts are imported from Asia and Latin America. Cheap labor means big profits.