Friday, February 24, 2012

the kids are alright...

child: a person between birth and puberty

it's bad enough we got scout masters molesting Boy Scouts..or Catholic priests molesting children..or Wendy McCaw having child porn on her company computer..why isn't she in jail for that one?? oh that's right, she blamed someone else..

now we got religious fanatics going after the Girl Scouts! according to these groups, the Girl Scouts are engaged in subversive activities from encouraging homosexuality to supporting Planned Parenthood and abortions...apparently the dues the girls pay go directly to PP!
then we got Virginia..where the good old boys wanted a transvaginal inspection before abortion is considered...geez, that's a real gov't takeover of healthcare...luckily, the idea of forced ultrasounds was ridiculed to the point the bill was dropped by the Virginia conservatives..

RICHMOND, Va. — Once the word "transvaginal" became a big joke on "Saturday Night Live" and "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," it wasn't long before Virginia's conservative Republicans realized they had overreached on abortion.

Gov. Bob McDonnell and GOP state lawmakers Wednesday abandoned a bill requiring women to undergo an intrusive type of sonogram before an abortion — an abrupt reversal that demonstrated the power of political satire and illustrated again how combustible the issue of women's reproductive health has become over the past few weeks.

I'm telling ya, these religious wackos need to be aborted...all this stems from the Jerry Falewell followers..Falwell, the fat southern baptist who was obsessed with gays and cartoon's crazy!! he's long dead but his brainwashed clan organized and formed the Tea know, God Guns and booze..Rick Santorum spouting nonsense about the devil...and on and on

speaking of booze, our illustrious sinner and councilman Joe (I'm doing a great job) Armendariz is taking his show to the high schools reports the Daily seems the lawyers and prosecuters have come up with a way to educate young people by sentencing Joe in front of a little field trip..well that's creative but doesn't take the place of drug education in schools...educate the kids about alcohol and reduce the demand..but that wouldn't go over well with the booze lobby, I'm sure..

it must be tough to be a kid nowadays with so many stupid adults "guiding" them....but somehow, I know they will overcome

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Trans Anal said...

Oh gawd 'I'm doing a great job' Joe isn't driving to these schools is he!