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sweet home, Alabama

where the skies are so blue...

well you might remember the Peter Lance hearings last year at the Santa Barbara court was like I was in a Hollywood I was an extra or something...there were all sorts of characters moving in and out of the movie..some died off and some came back...

the blogs and online media had lots of coverage and the News-Press had their agenda as did Noozhawk..but the Independent has some good stories and intesresting comments from the anti-cop crowd....
so Peter is on his last gasp to keep his license due to his DUI arrest..the case will be settled in the I'm reading arrest reports and I come across a name that sounded familiar- Hogan Ganschow-altho it is spelled Ganchow in the report... Hogan I think is or was a deputy public defender who was very interested in trying to help Peter Lance...Lance used Hogan's comments in his News-Press stories.. and Ganschow is pals with Josh Lynn who lost out to Joyce Dudley in the most recent DA race..I think there's a little story here... lots of petty stuff between Joyce and Josh....


from the News-Press/ Lance series/ July 25, 2011 1:18 PM


Hogan Ganschow is a deputy public defender who spent almost a year in the arraignment part of Santa Barbara County Superior Court. After the initial News-Press series ran, he sent the following note to his superiors:

"In light of the recent articles by Peter Lance, I have had the chance to reflect on my 10 months spent doing arraignments in Santa Barbara, from January 2010 to November 2010. As you are surely aware, one of Mr. Lance's chief allegations is that Officer Kasi Beutel intentionally neglected to inform him of his right to a re-testable blood sample. In order to cover up her failure to properly advise him of his Trombetta rights, it is also Mr. Lance's allegation that Kasi Beutel either forged or had someone forge his signature on his Trombetta waiver. He has also indicated that other arrestees are making similar allegations of Trombetta failures and possible forgeries during Kasi Beutel arrests.

"While I was working in Department 8, I handled the majority of DUI cases and made notes on the salmon-colored interview sheets.

"Soon into my assignment, I began to notice that Kasi Beutel was showing up far more often than the average law enforcement officer. As such, I made it my practice to make a note on the salmon sheet every time I saw she was present for a DUI arrest. I probably noted a couple (maybe a few) dozen incidents during my ten months.

"Additionally, when a blood sample was absent, I made it my practice to always ask clients if they had been offered a re-testable blood sample. If the clients claimed that they had not been advised (and the police report said otherwise), I also made it my practice to make a note on the salmon sheet reflecting the discrepancy, regardless of whether it was a Beutel case.

"I understand that most, if not all, of these files are now in storage. I believe it may be in our clients' interests to look at these files in order to see if there are any consistencies between Peter Lance's stories and those of our clients. Further, I would personally be willing to undertake the project of digging up all my DUI arraignments from 2010. If you agree that this is a worthy project, please advise."

On July 18, Mr. Ganschow confirmed that such an investigation had been authorized by his superiors in the Public Defender's Office.

"We don't know where this will go," says Darryl Genis. "But it's highly significant that independent of Peter Lance's forgery findings, a respected Santa Barbara defense attorney also believes that there could be a pattern."

oh...and I see that a Hogan Ganchow was just busted for being under the influence of alcohol/drugs!! the spelling was wrong on the arrest report but I figured it's the same guy....
Hogan Ganchow
Reported: 02/19/2012 by Crime Reporter: 7235
Crime Report #: 6817951
Source: Santa Barbara PD
M PC647(F) Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol

now this doesn't say it was a DUI and I'm not judging guilt or innocence, just that he was arrested... I think that's a story, a public defender getting busted for being under the influence, don't you News-Press??
but it's a safe bet to say most of Lance's supporters have drug or alcohol issues!!

it looks like Hogan and his dad Michael Ganschow belong to the Porsche Club of America and are both lawyers....and both talk real funny "all y'all and like that" like theys from Alabama!

Micheal Ganschow made numerous comments on the Peter Lance case at the Independent site..he was one of Lance's biggest cheerleaders and was always going off on the cops and prosecuters with long rambling exposes on how crooked the DA Dudley was and how all the cops were framing people..hmmmm..

it was clear that many of the people against the DUI cops are probably fond of driving while intoxicated..or just druggies themselves...
for them, it's probably a way of life so naturally when a cop arrests them, they get upset and try to blame the system!
did they think the cops would stop pulling over people for DUI just because the Lance case was dismissed?? how stupid is that?

and I'll be watching this one...the hearing whenever it comes up..maybe Hogan will get his daddy to represent him...or maybe he'll get Darryl Genis!! or maybe he'll run to the News-Press and do a story..the possibilities are endless!!

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